Partial, vamppie story

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    As he nips her on the neck, breaking the skin. A bead of blood starts to pool, slide down her neck towards her bosom. He licks it off She yelps in surprise, at the sharp sudden pain, only to be shocked at a second jolt as he becomes even harder, and thrusts deeply into her, stretching her walls even further, and barley brushing her cervix. A quick gasp, and he gives a grunt as her thighs tense, strongly squeezing the breath out of him, urging him on to a faster rhythm. Again, he licks the blood that has now pooled between her breasts, and on her stomache, lapping it up.. His tongue is unusually rough, like that of a cat tickling her, teasing her, closer to total release. Again, her thighs tense again, he grows stronger, harder with each lap of blood. He feels the hunger deep within, and control starting to slip away. He feels the fire reaching up, burning his soul... He desperatley wants to feel the passion, but... at the same time, loves her. He knows, he must keep it under reign, for if he allows the beast to be unleashed, he, again, will loose a love. Yet again, he tastes of the blood...
    The yearning for the power to return, the wild abandon of the beast within... a deep, slow thrust, penetrating her, stretching her again, feeling the warmth of her body encasing him, as he now slowly probes her.
    She, begins bucking, speeding up the rhythm, her slickness spreading over his engored penis, and dripping on the bed. Beads of perspiration are over her body, her hair sticking to her face. She is loosening up, able to accomodate more of him, and soon will have him all the way within.
    Again, her body is twitching, her muscular legs squeezing hard against him, yet, he barley notices... More blood... he resists... He withdraws his member from her... kneels on the floor, and begins to probe her insides with his tongue, finding the small,
    sensitive spot, just inside. Gently he bites on her lower lips.. tuging. Furiously, with his tongue, rough like a cat's, licks her clittoris, sending shivers throughout her body... she begins to wail. His tongue slides out of her, and up her pelvis,
    to her stomache... Blood... a quick lick, following the rivulet to her throat, all the while putting his manhood back inside her... Again, he bites, this time, harder... Blood wells from her neck. A quick yelp, pain, surprise, and ecstacy...
    A firm, quick thrust... again agony, but, ecstacy. She clamps down on him, her body pulsating, milking his shaft, nearly crushing his body. He, again, bites her neck. Deep, hard, tearing flesh, and drinks deeply of her life-force... He explodes
    within her, she feels his seed pumping in her, in her last moments. He revels in ecstacy, drinks again, of her blood... letting the beast within out. He feels the rage, anger at himself for what he has done, but.... no longer is he in control.
    Beads of sweat drip from his body, as he withdraws. He must now, leave town... Another love consumed by the Beast... But first, must dispose of the bloodless body; the empty husk..
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