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    This is my first attempt at writing something.....I hope you all enjoy it


    My girlfriend and I just arrived at our friends party, it was in full gear, music was going, people dacing. Couples talking, a great atmosphere to start off the weekend. We had gone though our work weeks and were ready for some fun. We were greeted by a couple of friends who gave us some drinks. As we walked around we both were talking about the abundance of gorgeous people around. A few drinks we had consumed when all of a sudden Sarah started talking about what was really going thru her mind. She was looking for a gorgeous man or woman to accompany her to the bedroom. She said "I'm sorry, i shouldn't have said anything", but I let her know that it was kinda turning me on. She descreetly rubbed her hand against my cock as she leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. "let's go hunting" she exclaimed as we broke away from our kiss. We began our search with talking to couples and singles at the party. There was this one guy who was so into her it was insane. He had been looking at her ever since we had stepped in the door. Starring at Sarah's beautiful face and body, her big blue eyes, gorgeous long, straight blonde hair. Her shirt was slightly lower then her shoulders, showing off some skin as it came down into a V neck, the material coming back together mid-way down her big 36D breasts, closing tightly on her stomach, and her skin tight jeans showing off her beautifuly shapely hips, ass and thighs. I couldn't blame him, she was a complete knockout. I continued to carefully watch this guy as we "interviewed" others. We would get into sexual questions to see what their preferences were. He seemed to fit. We quickly found a girl who was very attractive and seemed to take a liking towards me. And Sarah.

    After Clare and I began talking, Sarah left and went back to see Ben, the guy who seemed to be all about my girlfriend. We kept an eye on eachother from afar as our flirting with the opposing person intensified. Clare would have a hold of my arm and laugh at my jokes. Dancing had soon become a topic, and Clare and I hit the dance floor. When I turned around, I saw just in time to see my girlfriend and Ben head off to a bedroom upstairs. I had to make things go quick with Clare if I wanted to see my girlfriend in all her glory. We started grinding and she pushed her incredible body up against mine as my hands began feeling all around, feeling her breasts, which were a bit smaller then my girlfriends, but very firm. Down her stomach and around her hips as her ass dug into my rising penis. She turned around with the look on her face and I knew it was time to get into that bedroom. We walked upstairs and opened the door, walking into the same bedroom Ben and Sarah were in, to find them on the bed with Sarah in her underwear and Ben only with his top off. "Looks like we interrupted" Clare said and Sarah look straight at her, took her hand and said "honey, you've interrupted nothing, we were merely waiting for you". Clare looked at me and I smiled and she climbed on the bed. Ben looked at me as I sat down in a chair across from the action. "I don't think I am the action which you are wanting to be looking at" We gave a little chuckle and we looked at the already undressing women and kissed my girlfriend. It wasn't long before Sarah's clothing came off and her extroindinary body was on display for the room. Her hands we busy as well, removing Clares bra and undoing Ben's jeans. Once his jeans were off, both, Clare and Sarah egerly ran their hands to Ben's prize. Taking a hold, Clare began to gently rub his penis thru the underwear. I myself had stripped down to my boxers and had a full on hard-on going. It went un-noticed for the time being. Sarah reached on to his cock and said "Time to get these fuckers off!!" and procceeded to slip off his underwear. His fully erected cock stood up to about 6.5 inches in length and a very nice 4.75 inches in girth. Clare looked at it intently "Wow....this is a hot cock, I've never seen one" and she couldn't finish saying "big" as she began swallowing hard onto his cock. Sarah's hand followed Clares mouth, up and down his shaft. Sarah decided to take on the dities of Clare and ran her finger across her clit, giving Clare a little twitch. Sarah took out her lengthy tongue and stroked it softly along her wet pussy and slowly entered it. She ran it along up to her clit and licked with more pressure, giving Clare a sensation of extasy. As Clare continued to give Ben what looked to be an excellent blowjob, she was getting her fair share of treatment. Everyone was so busy with one another, no one noticed that I had pulled myself out of my boxers and was pleasuring myself to quite a scene that had unfolded. In a midst all the moaning, Ben got out "Clare....fuck me!!" Ben leaned up against the bed and Clare positioned herself. Sarah grabbed his throbbing member and kept it straight for Clare to get a nice hard landing as it plunged into her dripping wet vagina. Sarah stood on the bed and placed her wet cunt right in Ben's face. He began giving her some oral pleasure. There was some heavy action going on and Clare said "Lemme turn around!" and she slowly turned around on his cock and was facing me now. Once her eyes opened she saw me with my cock out, stroking it. She let out an "OH MY GOD!!" As Ben followed with "OH GOD YEAH!!!" What he didn't know was that Clare saw my 10 inch, 6.25 inch girth cock and was just astounded. Her eyes were completely fixated on my cock as Ben began orgasming, also Clare screaming "OH MY GOD" as she came as well. Sarah just glared at me and my cock, knowing the satisfaction I got from having another girl on another man, thinking about my cock and what it would be like to have me inside her, instead of what she has at the moment. Heavy breathing was all that was heard in the room after climaxes were had by Ben and Clare. I had put my cock back in my pants and got up and left the room.

    About 30 minutes later, when Sarah and I were having another drink, Clare came up to us, "I finally found you again.....that....that cock of yours.....I can't stop thinking about was just such an incredible sight....." Sarah grabbed her hand and placed both of theirs, this time not to descreetly, on my johnson. "Shall we dive out of this party a little early??" She asked looking directly at Clare. Clare, starring at her hand, which was now fondling my cock in her hand, said "I am getting a liitle tired....I think it's time to go to bed" We all smiled as we all grabbed our stuff and began our drive back to our home.

    To be con't.
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