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    Me and my boi Tyson started a pay as you go club. This is a little episode that bumped it off.
    One afternoon I was watching the game with one of Tyson and we were talking about women.
    “I like an ass so big you can set a snack tray on it with a waist so small you can put your hands around it and touch your fingers. A woman who wants her ass fucked buckin bronco style. I only know one girl like that and she’s a white girl.”
    “Man ain’t no white girl like that.”
    “Yea, Ok.”
    “Me and a couple of my dogs did a tag team on her and she was digging the whole thing.”
    “Where you been hiding her? Call her and tell her to come over.”

    An hour later Lydia walked through the door wearing her red stilettos. She know I like them heels on her when I rock that pussy. She thought Tyson was fine and wanted to make me jealous, at least that was her excuse. She teased him, bouncing that fat ass in his face then and within a few seconds of her walking through the door she was on her knees deep throating his dick. I go over to her and take out my big heavy ass dick and slap her ass with it. She grabs me by my dick and commences to suck both dicks at the same time. I got tired of that quick because I like my shit getting all the attention so I backed off. One thing lead to another and I watched him drop his dick in her pussy like an atomic bomb. She hollered, “fuck!” and had that home alone look on her face. He started stroking her deep and hard from the beginning. She was stuttering I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

    “Go on, fuck the bottom out of that pussy.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. He was fucking like he was drilling for oil. He had her on her back and her legs were wide open flopping all over the place. I lit a cigarette took a sip of beer and moved my chair up closer.

    “Damn you fuckin the hell out of that Bitch.” Lydia was drawing up her face and screaming and moaning, she was lovin it. Every few minutes she would shout out, “slow down you big cock mother fucker.” Then Tyson started slapping her titties from side to side saying, “Give me some mother fuckin milk.” Damn I ain’t never seen no shit like that. I thought, oh he’s completely lost his mother fuckin mind now. He didn’t loose a beat fuckin that pussy. He leaned forward and started sucking her tits like he was sucking a baby bottle. They were jiggling like a big ass bowl of jello. He had a hard time keeping them in his mouth cause he was fucking her so hard. She climaxed digging her nails in his back. That either pissed him off or felt good cause he started tearing that pussy up then. All of a sudden he pulled out and started easing his head in her ass. “Oh shit! Oooooooww, damn,” she shouted. “That feels good. Oh shit! Yea, fuck my asshole with that big black cock !” He was giving her short slow strokes, but she was bucking to speed it up.

    I sat in the chair blowing smoke rings with a dick so hard it felt like it was pulling away from my body. “Yea, she likes to be fucked hard. The harder the better. Damn, you all up in that ass.” I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

    She was hollering loud as hell. I went over to her and stuck my dick in her mouth to shut her up. Then home boy started to holler. This time he pulled it out and dumped a load of cum all over her stomach. I took my dick out of her mouth then flipped her over so I could get her doggie style. Her pussy was so wet I slipped right in. Now I was fucking the hell out of her.

    Tyson sat his ass in the chair watching us. His dick had gotten hard again. He had a look in his eyes like a crazed animal. He wanted some more but I was getting it now. I was giving her long strokes and she was meeting my strokes, pumping that fat ass right back up on my dick. I reached down and slapped her ass with one hand and squeezed her clit between my thumb and index finger hard as hell with the other hand while I made sure she felt every stroke deep in that pussy. We were bucking so hard the couch we were fucking on was sliding across the floor. She climaxed and started to scream. Don’t stop, baby. Oooooooohh weeeee! Fuck me, daddy! I didn’t let up on squeezing her clit. I was pumping hard and her ass was slapping against me. ‘Damn baby, you got some good pussy,” I yelled as I started to cum. I made sure I was deep in that pussy when I did.

    We fell on the bed, my dick was still hard in her. I loosened my grip on her clit. Everything was quiet for a minute. She was the first to speak. “Damn y’all brothers know how to hook a girl up.” She squirmed from under me. “What y’all got to eat? You feed me right and I’ll do you again. I just lay there. Tyson lifted up his head and told her to cook what ever she could find in the kitchen. She slipped into Tysons’ button down shirt then walked gapped legged towards the kitchen. In the doorway she lifted up the shirt and slapped her bare ass. “Ya’ll have to pay me next time you fuck me like that.

    Chapter 3, Night number 2

    We got up and ate, relaxed by the pool, then ate then relaxed more. I was turning into a nympho, all I could think about was sex. Whenever I looked at Lexi I though of what I wanted to do to her. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had never been with a woman or just what it was but I was She oozed of sensuality and I knew she totally enjoyed sex. We went to the room to shower and change before supper. Lexi and I got in the shower first together. We took turns washing each other. I rolled over on top of her and ran my tongue over her honey lips to taste them. I was in control I could see it in her eyes. I took my time kissing her softly. I wanted to be sweet and mellow.
    “ I see why the men love you.” I stroked her hair away from her face. She responded by squirming her hips under mine and looking into my eyes innocently. I met her hip gyrations with a slow grind and kissed her tenderly at the same time. I smelled the scent of butter crème frosting on her neck and sucked it gently. My tongue teased her firm baby bottle sized nipples. I marveled at how firm and full her breasts were. Then I was back at her mouth for a deeper longer kiss. My hot tongue moved down tasting and tantalizing her until I found her tiny patch of hair and her fat pussy lips. I sucked and licked her yummy juices there with my finger inside gently stroking her G-spot. She let out a long throaty moan as she climaxed. Then I was back on top of her. Her quivering arms wrapped around me tightly. Our gyrations became wet and slippery as they built to a frenzy. Jimmy watched from the chair silently stroking his thick tool. “Can I give you some dick now, baby,” I whispered in her ear. “Uh-huh,” she moaned softly. “Jimmy, Lexi wants some of that pretty cock, I said sweetly.” I continued to look into her eyes. Jimmy came over to the bed and kneeled down between our legs. He rubbed his throbbing sausage from my wetness to hers. “Just give her the head,” I whispered into her mouth as she sucked my tongue. I felt her body shudder when he penetrated her. She moaned and began to gyrate her hips wildly. “Does it feel good baby? Do you want more?” She shook her head. I continued to grind on her hard clit. Jimmy was moving with shallow strokes getting lubrication from my juices. His thighs quivered as his pace slowly picked up. Each stroke was deeper than the last. I positioned myself so I could feel his strokes on my clitoris. Our bodies melted together. I was gripping her ass with my hands spreading her cheeks apart. I imagined I was inside of her sugar walls giving her all of me. Without missing a stroke Jimmy was inside of me moving slow. My grip on Lexi tightened. He was thrusting harder and harder. His balls slapped my ass faster and faster. Without missing another beat he was inside of Lexi again. Ramming her hard. She was taking all of his thick hard shlong. Our bodies were in rhythm and our sounds were like a sultry melody. He tore into her, then me, then her, then me. I yelled as a powerful orgasm exploded at the base of my spine and waves ripped through my body. The friction between our clits created a fire that felt like popcorn popping. Lexi let out a loud yell next. She found my lips and sucked my tongue as her spasms subsided. Next Jimmy moaned and shot his load on my back. We all collapsed together exhausted on the bed.
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