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    okay people as there is always alot of question about PE i thought that we could share some experiences together as it is coming up to my 1 year of starting my progamm i thought i would share somethigns with you lot :p

    first one: is growing in length or girth will happen at different rates for me i grow in length alot quicker then in girth and i try to balance it out with bringing in more girth exercises :)

    second point is: when i was into the routine i noticed a few things, when measuring your gains every 2 weeks 4 weeks whatever your thing is, i saw that when growing i would hit say 17cm as a max point then i woudld go down and the growth would go back up to 17c cm from like 16.5 like ht egains were solidifying themselves as it was going along which i thought was quiet interesting if anyone else has anythign experience or ideas on this feel free to post aswell.

    this is all i have for now as i have things to do so peace :)
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