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    I've been trying various PE techniques for close to four years, but have nagging feelings that I could be doing things a lot more efficiently and getting faster gains.

    So I was curious if there are any other serious PEers in the area who would be up for getting together for the purpose of sharing techniques, secrets, ect. I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi, or whatever because this would be "strictly business," so to speak.

    I live in Toledo, Ohio. I'm 26 and have grown from about 6 inches to a bit over 7 1/4 inches or so, plus significant girth gains, in four years.
    I'm afraid I may be a "slow gainer". I began in 2003 with just a few hand exercises (jelq) , but last fall I added some clamping, and in March I bought a pump. My goal is to get as big as possible as quickly as possible, and I bet there's quite a few guys out there with similar mindsets and goals.
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