Peekaboo! When big dicks make a public appearance!

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    A few weeks ago I was reprising my role in a off-Broadway show. It had been two months since my last run and I was looking for a new way to "spice" up my monologue. In the piece called "Orgasm Man" where my clothing gets ripped off by the females in the ensemble while I perform my monologue. Since I wanted to go with the season's festive mood I decided to pick up a novelty item from one of the many sex shops in the village to wear under my suit. The night of the performance I met Megan, the girl who would be taking down my pants and let her know all she had to do was unbutton my pants, undo my belt and let them fall down. Once on stage I delivered my monologue effortlessly. When the time came for the 5 girls to pull off my clothing all went according to plan until Meg pulled down my pants and was face-to-face with my surprise: the red holiday sock cock (with jiggle bell on the end) that I was wearing and little else. She gasped outloud, pulled my pants back up, and waited until the lights went down. I was bummed because I didn't get to shake my package and jingle my bell after my last line, "Here I come to sleigh the day!" But I still got the laugh I wanted from the audience.

    What threw me off was her reaction (I apologized later). Granted, I'm not that big in the pants (8x6 hard) but at least I went through the task of showering and manscaping! I doubt if she may ever want to work with me again but it was well worth it and in the name of fun. That's what I love about performing in New York and this business. When all is said and done we can all laugh it off and go have a drink. Now for my question: Has anyone's bigbits ever intentionally (or unintentionally) made a public appearance? What were the reactions? Would you make a repeat performance? If so, what would you change?
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