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    I'm not entirely sure where this thread belongs, so move it appropriately.

    I recently saw two videos on the pelvic floor, which peaked my interest. The pelvic floor is the muscle grouping most commonly exercised with "kegel" exercises, and as it turns out it's actually incredibly important particularly women. It's most commonly thought of as strictly being involved in sexual function, but the pelvic floor also plays a crucial role in spine health, and urinary and bowel health.

    According to this lady who has qualifications that make me want to pay attention, the kegel is not the most effective way to target this muscle group. She demonstrates and explains here.

    YouTube - Kegle Exercises - the TRUTH about the Pelvic Floor!

    The second video covers why NOT to do crunches or "top down" abdominal exercises especially for women. I could go on a rant on how awful crunches are for you in general, but if you're curious I suppose someone could ask or look up Stuart McGill's research on the the subject.

    YouTube - Abs Workout for Women - Exercise tip about Crunches

    I hope this is all helpful and I'd be curious to hear any feedback.

    P.S. I have no qualifications in the health field beyond an abundance of knowledge that lives in my brain for some reason. Please don't take anything I say as medical advice.
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