Penis enlargement advice and tips for a noob

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by Blkversdude, May 14, 2018.

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    Jan 31, 2018
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    Detroit (MI, US)
    Hey Guys,

    I'm brand new to PE. I ordered my Bathmate Hercules based on all the buzz I've heard and it should be here Thursday at the latest.

    I'm more of a grower than a shower so my penis, in comparison to others is smaller on soft and around 7 hard. I want to have noticeable gains for my flaccid and erect states. I'd like to have an EXPERIENCED PE mentor/coach guide me on my journey to 9+ inches erect. I'm aiming to be around 6 or 7 flaccid with undeniable girth flaccid and erect. I would PREFER for my coach to live in or around the Metro Detroit area for in person sessions. We can be as platonic or sexual as we please.

    Also, I'd like some advice from my EXPERIENCED PE members. Is pumping the only way to go and would you recommend me doing more as a beginner?

    Please do not reply if you cannot advise where you were, where you are, how you got there and how you solidified the results. Thanks so much.

    Best regards,


    PS - if you're sexy and in or near Detroit send me a personal message I'm down for hooking up.
  2. Kranbir

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    May 11, 2018
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    Chittagong (BD)
    I even didn't believe that penis enlargement is possible. But the matter of joy that its possible. You shoud search on google to get more info. Thanks!
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