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    can pe exercise actually make your dick bigger? I always thought it was a myth :confused: ...i have a 8 inch by 5.75 inch cock and i would be content with a 8.5-9 inch by 6-6.5 inch girth. Is such growth possible and how long would it take? plz teach me some pe exerices or resouces..thanks :biggrin1:
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    Dec 11, 2005
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    maybe use the search function....
    or just go to the subforum "Making it bigger"

    all in all PE only will decrease your sexual fitness and maybe damage your brain
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    The answer is a definite yes, but you have to keep in mind that increasing any tissue in the body by stretching or other stress techniques work in the following way. You extend the tissue beyond its normal boundary and create millions of small fissures (in muscle, skin or in the several tissues of your dick). As these heal new tissue fills in. You know how long it takes and what effort you must expend to enlarge your muscles. I have been listing weights in very intense upper body workouts for almost 3 years and still can only barely tell that I have chest muscles, BUT I had none so will keep this up for the long haul.

    As for the dick, there are ligaments that are involved in lengthening it and these are the toughest tissues to elongate in the body -- like steel cables and tubes in the dick. But it can be done. But substantial gains require years of daily exercise -- that's right I said years. And if you skip a few days once you start, you will be jinxed -- cause when tissues completely heal (muscle included) it often is tougher than before and more resistant to further enlargement. How do I know that dicks can be increased as we do muscles and other tissues, you might well ask. I will let you guess from what source of knowledge I bring this information to you, but let you know a hint, I have exercised a part of the body with amazingly intense stretches done daily for 6 years (length mostly from these) and now am adding jelqs (for girth mostly) to some tissue other than my feet. Good luck and you must have p[ersistence.

    If you want estimates of times -- it varies but perhaps half an inch in length in half a year is very good and about much in girth I am told (no experience in that arena yet, but I love what one does in those jelqs so will keep up those 500/session 3 times a week in hopes of moving towards 6.5 in girth (from 5.75) and goal for length (assuming that any tissue has no top goal in extensikon -- 12 -- why not go for broke!!
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