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    A guy walks into a bar carrying a box. Setting it on the bar he orders a double scotch and begins to cry. The bartender fixes his drink and waits on other customers and the guy contunues to cry and sob. The bartender watches as the guy appears to have lost his best friend or perhaps the death of a close family member and curiosity gets the best of him.

    Approaching the guy he says, "Hey buddy, I couldn't help noticing that you seem very sad. Sometimes it helps to talk about your problems and I'm offering you an ear."

    The guy looks thoughtfully at the bartender and says, "It all started about an hour ago. Everything was fine and I was having a great day when I found a strange bottle on the beach. When I opened it a jeanie popped out and said how I had released her from the bottle and her curse and that she would grant me one wish."

    At this point the guy broke down and sobbed mornfully and the bartender said, "Well that's a good thing! Why are you so upset?"

    So the guy opens the box for the bartender and in the box sat a little man playing a little piano. The bartender said, "Wow! That is so cool but I still don't understand why you are so upset. How could something as awsome as that have you in this condition?"

    "well" The guy said sniffing and wiping his eyes, "the jeanie thought I said I wanted a 12" pianest!"

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    Why did God give men penises?
    So we'd have at least one way to shut a woman up.
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