Penis/Phallus Worship for hung/proud/str8/ (only)

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    Looking for well endowed guys who get turned on by showing off their huge endowment, and getting it worshipped...literally. Always been fascinated with huge, long, flaccid, str8, hangin' penis. Love and need to provide for guys who truly get into having it worshipped (if just looking for C2C, we're not a match), getting into it for a while. Staring at, talkin' about, strokin, kneelin in front of you, admiration, measure, letting it hang, you the attention you deserve, that we both want to experience.

    Masculine, chill, laid back guy here, like to find hung buds to worship on a regular basis. Age, race long as we're on same page. No one "trips" if we're not a match. Hit me up. i only have skype (no yahoo, MSN). Must have pics in profile for a response, or you can email them to me. Cheers and be well, hope to hear from you!
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  2. cobaltjeff99

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    Looking for hung guys who like to get it worshipped, skype. Esp long, flaccid, str8, guys who truly get off on receiving it. Hit me up.
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    Doyoulikethemuncut for exhibition only on Skype. Don't care to watch.
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