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Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by hn1990, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Hey everyone!

    I have been a long time reader of, but this is my first time ever posting. I have an interesting topic about people's past sexual encounters and the size of their penis and whether or not they are cut or uncut. I know this may seem like an odd question, but It is something I am curious to know. I'm just basically curious to know what you personally have encountered most of.

    First, to start it off. I am a Caucasian 20 years old gay male and live in Canada. I am 7 inches and uncut.

    The first time I had sex I was 17 years old. Since then, I have been with a total of 16 guys. This does not mean I have had sex with that many guys, that total includes guys that I have had oral sex with.

    I am a very detailed orientated person, and remember everything about each guy I have been with. So, with saying that, I wanted to find the statistics of my sexual encounters.

    Of the 16 guys, 14 where Caucasian, one was black, and one was native american.

    12/16 of them where uncut, and only 4/16 were cut.
    The size of their penis ranged from approximately 5.5 inches to 8.5 inches (Remember, that's just an estimation of what I thought they were, or what they told me)
    After calculating all sixteen of their averages, the average penis size for my sexual encounters was approximately 6.733 inches long.

    So, I'm just curious what you guys think, does this match up with your sexual encounters? Also, I was kind of surprised with the high proportion of guys who had an uncut penis. Remember, all of these guys are males born from 1988-1992 in Canada and who I had sexual encounters with.
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    I suggest you start putting their details on file cards, a la Sam Steward. Keep them and some day they will keep you.

    But ease up on the accuracy. "Approximately 6.733 inches"? That's to the nearest 1/1000th of an inch? That would change with the phase of the moon!
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