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    Hard to believe shit you find in google news. (If I had to guess I'd say the guy's guilty, and of course the subject is tragic, but there really is a sideshow element to the case. I couldn't resist posting it.)

    Rape suspect says penis cast would acquit him --

    The attorney representing a Lansdale man in a high-profile rape case wants a mold made of his client's penis to prove to jurors that he couldn't have committed the crime.

    Attorney Marvin Gold wants Montgomery County prison officials to give Ronald A. McDade, 33, the privacy and a special kit to make a cast of his genitalia before he's tried on charges that he raped a 13-year-old girl in January.

    Gold said McDade's accuser didn't suffer injuries consistent with someone who had been assaulted by his client, whom he described as a ''freak of nature'' who is ''extraordinarily large.''

    Assistant District Attorney Todd Stephens called the request an outlandish attempt to create a sideshow.

    Gold said he came up with the idea for the mold on his own after learning about the extent of the girl's injuries. He said they weren't as serious as one would expect.

    Gold said he plans to show the mold to the jury to bolster his case that the girl should have had more injuries.
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