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    So what do you guys do when riding a bike, lol. I used to just put it down my left pant leg, when it was really baby sized, lol. But now I've grown to almost average length so I throw it over my shoulder. It is embarrasing though, because in the wind, it looks like there is an anaconda attacking me from under my shirt. :frown1:

    I wish I was bigger than average so I could have the confidence to just let it hang out loose over my shirt...but I am embarrassed about my lack of size. :redface:

    I don't know what to do.

    When I fuck my GF, she doesn't even scream loud enough for the neighbors to call the police.

    Her gyncologist barely even gets drenched in blood from her shattered cervix.

    I feel truly inadequate, and that is why I started this thread.
    Thanks for nothing God.

    Oh, wait what's that? It's not April Fool's Day today?

    And this isn't women's issues?

    Fuck...well Happy Thanksgiving everybody. :wink:
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    you should really be thankful hehehehe
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