Penis & Vaginas Poems

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    Welcome to "The Society of the Private 2 Part Poets (and their friends...)"

    People i found this nice penis poem hope you like! And if you have one to your special friend (or enemy) to share feel free to post, ok?

    I'm in no way think i'm worshiper of penises - But - few of their owner inspire me very much that i naturally and eagerly went down...they touch deep in my imagination and criativity... oh yes, that special willy sexual tension thing...:tongue:

    Well, read it enjoy and be inspired too!!! :biggrin1: :tongue:

    "The Joy of Having A Dick

    I'll tell you a short poem; I'll try to make it quick. The subject is quite simple: The Joy of having a dick.

    Penises are super things; You ladies should be jealous. An organ surrounded by sensitive skin. That's smooth and rarely hairless

    It starts to grow dramatically, When you're about thirteen. Your testicles on either side; Your willi in between.

    It dangles neatly down bellow; soft, obedient and loyal. At the slightest hint of lust, It's ready to uncoil.

    It often has a mind all of its own; Its like wild untamed beast. It squirms and writhes and streches out; When you expect it least.

    Sometimes, yes, it misbehaves; Erecting when it shouldn't. A bumpy train ride sets off; Just when you wish it wouldn't

    And during the summer, wearing little, sunning on the beach. The slightest sight of shaling boobs Makes it squirm just like a leech.

    Handle it with love and care; For it can give great pleasure. Has it grown since last weekend? And when did you last measure?

    Some people fret about sizes; They give it lots of thought. Is seven inches long enough ? It makes guys quite distraught.

    They peek across in urinals, To compare and try to see But if another glances back to them. There's no way they can pee.

    Masturbating is a sin; That's what some folk believe. But those are just old wive's tales; Cuz it really can relieve.

    Without this fabulous organ, No shag would be complete. Lesbian will do their best; But must admit defeat.

    It has to main bodily functions I'm sure you'll all agree. To start a whole new life and of course? dayly to pee

    But I think the thing that's marvelous; About that one eyed brute. Is that when is trying to procreate, It knows which fluid to shoot

    And always it remains with you; Until you're old and frail. Don't take it out in public though, or you'll be thrown in jail.

    And so to summarize I'd say with certainty, that every male loves his little friend But girls, no matter what we do, Please doon't fold, spindle mutilated and NEVER NEVER Bend!" Aaron Jokes
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