Penny and me. The beginning

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    Hicktown upon Misery
    Pitticlin, pitticlin. Pitticlin, pitticlin. Pitticlin, pittic ...

    - Yes?
    - Hello.
    - Hello.
    - ...
    - Hello?
    - Excuse me, this is Penny Stix.
    - Hallo, Penny.
    - I hope you don´t mind this calling, but ehh ..., you know, there is a rumor going all around that you are a great, really great endowed man.
    - ...
    - And, you know?, i´ve been searching for a real man for a long time. They say you´ve got a hard one to fit.
    - ...
    - Are you there?
    - What the fuck is this?
    - Ouh! I´m a woman ...
    - I see.
    - eeer, i like sex, you know? I´m really `deep´ and so i´m looking for a real big one to make me feel `full´. All the boys i´ve been with were up on the average, but i never got satisfied. I´m desperate. I want to have a real sex session. No more hopes, you know, no more "baby, i´m gonna make you cry of pleasure". Just me and your big one.
    - Is this a joke?
    - No Pabs. I´m truly.
    - Who gave you my number? How did you get it?
    - Oh, a friend of mine. I can´t tell you the name.
    - Right. And you want to fuck with me, isn´t?
    - Mmm, not exactly. I´d like to be fucked by you. And also fuck to you.
    - Sorry?
    - Yes. I know you´ve got a hung cockhead, with a delicious pisshole, mmmh man, i´m gonna put my clito into your cockhead hole and fuck you as a bitch. Would you like it?
    - I don´t know, you are shocking me!
    - Yeah!
    - And it sounds so ... odd, and painful.
    - No dear, i´ll open your hole with my tongue. I´ll make your cockhead pumps.
    - ...
    - Are you touching yourself, sweetie?
    - Maybe
    - Right. I want you to picture my gorgeous lips around your cock. Mmm, so sweet, baby. I´m kissing and licking from the little hole to the base, yeah, the hairs on your eggs. Mmm.
    - I´m picturing that.
    - What do you want me to do, Pabs?
    - Oouh, i love you darling. I want to make love to you, i´m ...
    - Bfff, what!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...
    - ...
    - ... hahahahaha, hwaaahahahahahaha ...
    Tut-tut, tut-tut, tut-tut
    - Daughter of a bitch horned up!

    Pitticlin-pitticlin. Pitticlin-pitticlin. Pitt...

    - Yes?
    - ... hwaahahahahhwahh, howohowha, haha, hwahwa ...
    - so funny, girl
    - hwaaaa, hahahahahaha
    - the worst? i like her.
    - ...hahahahahahahahahahaha ...
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