Penny and me

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    Mmmm, what´s up? I was sleeping and .... Take a look at the clock, just 1:27 am. Penny?. Oh yes, she´s here, by my side. She´s trying to remove the sheets down. She does it slow, doesn´t want to wake me up. She thinks i´m slept.

    Ok. Now i´m nude on the bed. Some light is coming from the street, and i can see her body´s outline against that soft light. She is looking at my willie, so close that i can feel her breath moving my pubic hairs, like a light and warm breeze. This is hot. And my willie starts to grow up.

    - Oh, you are awake- says.

    - Mmm, yes i am, let´s do something nice, do you fancy?

    - Not much, baby. I was just looking at your penis. I really love when he´s slept. So tender ...

    What? And now she´s laying looking to the other side.

    - Goodnight, dear.

    Funny, really funny. Now i´m nude, hard and awake. Her body looks like a pear, laid on a side. She wears a light negligee, black, see-through. I love her hips, so feminines, so hot, so smooth. Like her skin. Hell, i´m hard. She´s here, by my side and i cannot fuck her. Should i touch her?. She looks slept. Mmmh, she smells so fine, that kind of smell that makes you feel sure and comfortable, that makes you desire holding her and never leave her.

    Well, i think there is a soccer match on tv. What can a man do if his woman´s slept and he´s got a hard-on? Watch semi-nude guys running behind a ball.

    I love nights.

    I love Penny.

    I love soccer. :biggrin1:
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