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    Peter and I had known each other all the way through school - best friends,
    but there had never been any indication of anything more than that. Sure I
    would look at him in the changing rooms, but what boys don't compare
    thanselevs to their friends? However, Peter was known as having the
    largest dick in our class.

    When we left school, we kept in touch and occasionally would go on holiday
    together. Once we went to a concert in London. As soon as we reached our
    room, Peter went for shower. Grimy from the journey, when he had finished,
    I followed him into the shower.

    When I stepped from the shower back into the bedroom Peter was lying naked
    on the bed. I continued drying myself, trying to catch glimpses of his
    cock. He was as large as I remembered - his long, thick cock lay across
    his thigh, it's knob completely covered by a generous foreskin, and his
    heavy balls hung between his slightly open legs.

    I was aware that he was watching me dry myself, so when I pulled my briefs
    on, I turned towards hin so he would get a good view.

    He sat up and said "I've come away without any fresh undies, can I borrow
    some of yours?"

    "Sure. Boxers or briefs?" I asked, excited at the thought of Pete wearing
    my pants.

    He looked down at his cock and smiled. "Not boxers, I like some support."

    I selected a pair of CK 365 white trunks, tossed them onto his bed and sat down .
    "Here, try these. They're not as loose as boxers." Peter made a show of
    pulling them on, then he paraded in front of the mirror. He was outlined
    against the soft cotton, and I could clearly see the bulge of his cockhead.

    "Not bad" he said. "You must think so too". He gestured to the growing
    erection in my briefs. I looked away, embarrassed. "Don't worry", Peter
    anticipated my apology, "I was watching you getting dried before. You've
    got a great cock". He had walked over and was standing directly in front of
    me. I could see that he too was becoming aroused. "Don't you have
    problems with briefs" he asked. "I find them to restricting, especially
    when I get a hard-on."

    I looked down at my cock, straining against the thick band at the top of my
    briefs. "They're only uncomfortable when I'm like this" I replied. He
    beckoned me to stand up. I did. "Let's make you more comfortable then" he
    said as he knelt in front of me and pulled my briefs down.

    Before I knew what was happening he had pushed me back so that I was
    sitting on the bed and had grasped my by now fully hard dick in his hand.
    He began to gently pump up and down, stroking my scrotum with his free
    hand. His eyes were fixed on my manhood as his face moved forward until he
    stopped pumping, released his grip, and gently placed his mouth over my
    glans - by now my foreskin had peeled right back. He pulled away, licked
    his lips and went down again, closing his lips tightly behind my cockhead
    then pushing down so that I could feel the back of his mouth with my
    sensitive knob. He repeated this a couple of times until I stopped him -
    I was in danger of cumming too quickly.

    He stood up, his enormous dick stretcing the material of the trunks I had
    lent him. I reached forward and pulled them down. His cock was
    magnificent, at least 7 inches long and still growing harder. " I love your
    foreskin" I said "It doesn't pull right back like mine". Indeed, half of
    his glans was still covered.

    I leant forward end placed my tongue under his sack, between his balls. As
    I did this I felt them jerk and pull up tighter towards his body. Slowly I
    ran my tongue to the tip, and covered the half exposed glans in little
    licks. Peter reached down, and with one hand slowly retracted his foreskin
    until his purple-red helmet was fully exposed and with the other he pushed
    my head down again.

    As soon as my lips had closed over his knob, he released his foreskin which
    tried to roll back over his helmet, but only succeeded in pressing against
    the outside of my lips. Peter put both of his hands on the back of my head
    and began to push his monstrous dick into my mouth. I reached round his
    back and grasped his his firm buttocks in my hands, controlling the depth
    he could go as he continued to fuck my mouth.

    In and out he went, each stroke seeming to be deeper than the last.
    Eventually he slowed down, then pulled away. His tool glistened with my
    saliva, and twitched with his heartbeat. "I dont want to come just yet" he
    smiled. "Have you done this before?"

    "Only a couple of times" I confided, "but I intend to do it much more!"

    "Do you want to fuck properly?", he asked, lying down beside me. I looked
    at his engorged rod and considered. "No. I've never done that, and your
    so, well, big. Maybe another time". Peter smiled. "Ok then. We'll try
    something else. Lie back".

    I did as he told me. Peter knelt over me, his knees each side of my chest.
    This gave me another chance to admire his beautiful cock, still moist with
    spit. His balls hung low in their crinkly dark skinned sack, and above
    them towered his meat, growing out of a thick mass of black hair, the viens
    standing out like cords, still gently pulsing with his heart. He sat back
    on his haunches so that his balls pressed down on mine, then leaning
    forward slightly, he reached down and bent his cock down, and pulled mine
    up, until he had them pressed together, gripped in both hands.

    Now I could tell how much larger than me he was - the tip of my helmet was
    just below the rim of his. My cockhead was completely bare, strained out
    of it's protective foreskin. I was so erect it ached.

    Very slowly, Peter began to wank us. With each backward stroke, his glans
    was bared and because of the position of my cock, his foreskin rubbed over
    my bloated head. Peter also pressed his scrotum down in rhythm massaging
    my balls. I held on as long as I could, but needless to say I came first.

    My back arched as I felt the pressure in my balls become unbearable. With
    a cry, my first hot jet shot from my overheated cock, catching on Pete's
    helmet. He timed the following strokes perfectly. It was the most amazing
    orgasm I'd ever had as spurt after spurt of hot white spunk shot across my
    belly, whilst some of it caught on Peters cock, only to be used by him to
    lubricate his strokes.

    As my orgasm subsided Peter stopped pumping our shafts - mine was
    increadibly sensitive by now - and he sat back. I rolled him over so that
    our positions were reversed. Kneeling astide him, I took his tool in my
    hand. It was sticky with my cum. Slowly I pulled back, watching as his
    cockhead became exposed. I ran a finger gently under his rim, and then
    allowed his foreskin to peel back at its own speed. I repeated this
    several times, and then began to wank him in earnest.

    The cum from my belly was running down over my balls and was making his
    scrotum moist. Suddenly I noticed his balls pull tightly up in his sticky
    sac, and with a "woomph" noise, as though he had been hit in the stomach,
    his orgasm began.

    The first blast of spunk landed higher than his nipples. I continued to
    pump, trying to time each stroke with another jet of cum, just as he had
    with me. Peter stopped me and rolled over, so that once again I was
    underneath him. He held me tightly and I could feel his cock pulsing
    against my belly, as he thrust with each convulsive pulse of
    spunk.. Slowly, his orgasm became weaker and he rolled off me.

    I looked sown. We were covered in spunk. I've wanked myself often enough,
    but had never seen this much. I looked at Peter who began to laugh. "We
    should have done this ages ago" he said.. I looked at his cock, now
    growing shorter as his erection subsided, but still very thick, and greasy
    with our cum.

    "Yeah" I replied. "Still, there's plenty of time left..."
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    Great start!

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    hot bud...very hot....
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    very hot, nice progression in the story, it sounds like this really happened
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