Phallus as a Reflection of the Hierarchy

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by B_Bonky, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I think this guy is half stupid.

    Men obsess about their cocks and fear inadequacy... but thru most of human society, women could care less about them. Women have much more important issues to weigh in mate selection than penis size.

    Sex is a strong drive, and males have such strong sex drives that they will tend toward bisexuality wherever access to females is limited... and thus have not only their own personal self absorbed fascination with their dicks, but also tend to be interested in other guys dicks ( hence this very forum)

    But hierarchy in human societies has far more to do with celebrity and with ruthlessness than any other factors.
    Even the ugliest boy in the band gets laid because he is on stage- the center of attention of a large group of people and females will respond to notoriety as a sign of tribal importance or potential importance.

    Genghis Khan, who may well be the single most prolific breeder in history, did not achieve his status at the point of his dick but at the point of his sword.

    Now You can say a sword is phallic- but that is an after the fact assignation... a sword is the shape that kills people effectively, and if a frisbee was deadlier, then swords would look like frisbees.
    I have heard psychobabblers speak about how the Japanese Katana or the arab scimitar sport curvature to their blades that mimic the curve of an erect penis...

    But it is stupid beyond belief to imagine sword makers fashioned their weapons to capture imagery of penises... in fact, the katana and scimitar are curved because they have to be in order to be drawn from scabbards that are made of wood.
    ( the arm is only so long and swings on a pivot )
    And in cultures that made flexible scabbards, or shorter swords, they never adopted such curvatures, even though their penises still have them.

    Here's the thing... what separates human beings from the animals is the ability to KNOWINGLY perceive the world symbolically... we are the only animal that understands that we can symbolize.
    That gives us the power of metaphor, of music, of art, of complex language and mathematics....

    However... the flip side of this talent is that we can FIND symbolism in anything... we can read meaning into things that have no meaning. We can search for and identify patterns in pure noise and imagine they have significance.

    Seeing jesus in a scorched cheese sandwich is an example of how our ability to invent symbology gets ridiculously out of hand.

    People LOOKING for phallic symbols will find them everywhere.
    That has no bearing on their actual origin nor the thinking of the people who fashioned them.

    To wit: In ancient Rome and Greece, images of the phallus where everywhere... actual sculptures and pictures of huge dicks.
    They DID NOT represent any idea of power nor authority.
    They represented sex, sexual pleasure, and fertility.

    The images of giant penises center around Priapus- a fertility god- who's huge and permanently erect penis is actually IRONY as he suffered from impotence, losing his huge erection when actually having the opportunity to have sex.
    He is a pathetic figure- cast out of Olympus and seen as perpetually obsessed with his dick.
    You often see him WEIGHING his enormous cock... which is a way of showing that his fixation with sex overwhelmed every other aspect of his life.

    Hardly an image of hierarchy.

    Ever since Feminists found Freud, people have been making a huge deal about phallic imagery as some kind of social subtext... but that is INVENTING symbology that never previously existed.
    Church spires are NOT phallic, they seek to touch heaven.
    Skyscrapers are NOT phallic... downtown land costs a mint and skyscrapers give you the rentable floor space to make money off the project and a TALL building becomes an advertisement of success and technological maturity.

    The design of MOST things is driven by its function.

    Seeing dicks wherever you look is a pathology of personal perspective.
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    Good post, Phil.
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