dijstra: The following is mostly true, it happened today -

The car journey was hell and my driver crap; every bump and pothole sent yet another pain into coccyx up my spine and I longed to get there; I was really going to bust his balls as soon as I was fit again. Getting there meant arriving at the physiotherapist who’d fitted me in as a last extra appointment at the end of his day. I arrived even more battered and bruised than I’d set off and limped into the waiting room; bastard rating.

I’d never met James, the physio’ before and was surprised when a 5’6” triangle walked into the reception area and called out my name; his body was gorgeous thick upper torso, washboard stomach and pencil thin waste. Reminded me of me 6 years and 90lbs earlier. He led me into the treatment room chatting away about navy stuff and training; he wasn’t enlisted but since my referral had come from the base doc he knew that I was.

James took my medical history, really thorough, and then asked me to strip to my underwear and face the wall. First problem – as my back was hurting so much I’d skipped underwear and free balled in fatigues.

“Sorry James I’m freeballing; you mind?” ; he faltered a bit then said no so I stripped and faced the wall. As I stripped he continued writing me up but I noticed a light pink flush on his neck but I was in so much pain I though nothing much of it.

He examined my back pressing his warm soft hands against my spine and buttocks trying to locate the discs I’d damaged the day before. Standing naked in front of an MO or another man wasn’t unusual; on base you don’t get much privacy so it didn’t bother me.

“Turn around and stand as straight as you can” James asked, so I swung around and stood upright. I saw him look quickly at my cock before looking me in the eye, his face and neck now even more pink, and he asked me to bend left and then right. As I did the exercises I could see a bulge in his joggers and wondered is if was soft or hard; James caught me looking and shifted his cock to the left with his hand quickly – he was hard and not that big.

“Onto the table face down” he ordered; I complied and was prodded, poked and manipulated for 25 minutes as we established I’d compressed three discs and trapped a nerve in the swelling. He suggested that he used acupuncture to numb the pain and then put six small pins into my lower back and buttocks. I lay there bollock naked on my side for 10 minutes and we talked about football, houses and the marines.

Once the pins were removed he asked “had any tingling or numbness in your groin?”.

“Yeah a little, that a problem”

“Maybe, you OK if I just feel around there to check there’s no damage to your lower spine or groin muscles?”; I said go ahead and opened my legs. James was standing to the right as he leaned over and felt my beneath my balls and around my coccyx. Now I’m very sensitive with my balls and my dick started to swell a little getting to about 6”; surprisingly instead of backing off or making light of it James moved his hand up next to my ball sack and continued to examine me; he acted as though it was part of the exam; but didn’t say anything or look at me. He was focussing on my groin intently.

“You don’t mind me getting a little hard do you?” I asked; “just you fondling my balls like that is really horny; if it makes you uncomfortable feel free to stop and do something else”

“Yeah” he replied and backed way; “I’ve seen quite a few penises, hazard of the job”

My cock didn’t get the message though and grew out to its normal 9 and a bit inches; James just stared at it and I could see he was hard as a rock straight out, though not that big, through his joggers.

“So what happens now?”

“Dunno they didn’t teach this in class. You’ve got an enormous cock much bigger than mine; what’s it like? “

“Great; but you’re not that small are you? What 6” a little more?”

“Nah, 5.75” but I’m thick nearly 5” round”

The sight of an erect cock, even one inside pants, was turning me on big time and there was no way I was going down easily; “You straight” I asked.

“I though I was” he answered nervously, “till I saw your cock. And you?”

“Mostly. Well James what do you want to do now?”

“What I want to do is come over and feel that cock of yours”, then he walked over to the door dropped the catch and came over to me. His hand slid across my leg and onto the bottom of my shaft.

“Not so fast.” I grabbed his hand and pushed it onto my balls “If you want it you do it properly no quick jerk; a long slow wank” he nodded and started to caress my ball sack slowly and I reached over and felt his dick through his pants. He moved round so I could reach him and I pulled them down. Another freeballer no wonder I could see him so well.

His cock was nice and defined; uncut and really veined. Rock hard at about 5.5”. I slid his foreskin back and he winced slightly with pleasure. His hands now were caressing my balls and cock shaft really slowly and I was as hard as I could get. This was great; I felt him stop and reach over me to the cabinet behind then a cold wet splat on my balls and the bottom of my cock.

“Massage oil” he said as he passed me a bottle. I put some on my hands and slid them both like a cunt over his cock; James started to push his groin into my hands slowly.

“Fuck I wish you could teach my girlfriend that” he rasped as I spread one hand across his sack as he continued to fuck the other.

My cock was being slowly eternal fucked; he slid his hands like a tube down me one after the other; my wife did that be he was better; bigger hands and he knew when to go slow and when to wank quickly. I was in heaven and evidently so was he as he started to pound my hand like a dog on heat. He just held onto my cock hard grasping it harder as he pumped harder; I was ready to cum but wanted him to get there first.

“Go on then” ,and he did, he pushed really hard into my hands so I shifted one onto the end and rubbed it round as he shafted the other one, “cum you fucker”

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”, and he came. A great glob right into my hand cupped over his nob he pushed really hard and went still, then tried to pull away.

“Not so fast”, I started to wank him with my hand still over the end rubbing the cum into his head as he squirmed the pain and pleasure of still being touched was too much for him and he hardened up again, wanked him hard his little dick just filing one hand as my other rubs his head round and round. He squirmed and gasped as shot another load into my hand. I let go and said “Now do me slowly, both hands ”.

His right hand wrapped round me hard and he stroked me across the whole length of my cock; his left hand reached for more lube which he poured over my nob end twisting his hand over the end like he was grinding pepper. Fuck it was good. I couldn’t last any longer and started to stiffen ready to cum. James senses this and moved one hand onto my balls caressing them and then moved his head towards my nob.

“No, just wank me”, so he really started to pump hard. I tried to stay still as moving was too painful but the tension was too much and I arched my back, pain shot down my side and I started to cum. I felt it so intensely as the cum was push through my cock towards the end wave after wave of muscle spasm I shot my load out onto James pants. His hand slipped off my balls in between my legs pressing hard on just outside my arse. I arched my back some more as another wave of cumming started and his fingers slipped into my arse. I came again no load just orgasm, wave and wave of orgasm.

“Fuck that was good”


I lay on the bench drained; he stood there pants round his thighs, dick limp and red raw.

“Wow your good. Sure you’ve not done that before?”

“Nah, but we could do it again”

Laughed and gingerly swung off the bench. James handed me a towel and my fatigues. I dressed slowly.

“What happens now?” James asked.

“Well I book another appointment for tomorrow and we’ll see”

I walked over to the door and stood for a moment.

“You’d better clean up before you go out”, pointing at his wet pants, “perhaps you’d like to come and show my wife what you did?” James looked shocked, “she’s never had a small dick before so you might get lucky, if that’s still your thing”

And I left.

The rating who had been waiting in the Land Rover, jumped to attention as I walked out.

“You look better sir”

“Yeah he’s got good hands and fucking well drive slowly this time. I nearly never got here you cunt and look what I would have missed.”

“Sir yes Sir”