piercing can bring great pleasure

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by D_Ed69s girl, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Okay a little over two weeks ago I told everyone I got a christina piercing for one reason. To help bring back my sex drive, yes losing your sex drive sucks in all the wrong ways. Yes I have been diagnosed with a very real problem for women. They have a long ass name for it and don't have a drug to help in the medical community I know I am currently doing a study for a drug they may prove to help women such as myself. Unfortunately it will be another two year out before it enters the medical market place. So I have been looking at alternative. One is this piercing and the other is herbs.

    My husband found information about piercing the hood of the clit and at first that is what I was going for but do to my physical make up the gal change the piercing on me last minute and did a christina. Even thu the gal doing the piercing never told me she was changing it. I am thuroughly tickled with the piercing.

    First off it rubs the base of the clit, which in turn keeps the clit on high alter for sexual contact. Yeah I can wipe after going to the bathroom and have tingling pleasure run up my spine. How I restrain myself from masterbating after I go to the bathroom is beyond me.

    Second I am aroused and ready to play whenever my hubby is. I am more responsive to his touch and look forward to playtime in the bedroom again. It just feels wonderful again.

    So in away I am glad the hood piercing didn't work out, I think that it would have been in over kill in stimulation and ultimately killed it for clit orgasms. This also gives my husband another teaser point too, cause all he has to do is get a hold of the barbell and tap it then watch me moan. It puts a hold new meaning to the 69 position.

    So if you find yourself with a sex drive that is less then fun, consider a piercing. It is worth a little bit of pain and healing time. Yes I am still healing but the swelling is gone and I will post pictures of it soon.
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    I'm glad it worked out for you and I have to confess, this has really been helpful insight. I remember reading that you said the first time it was suggested, you were turned off by the idea. So I really appreciate you sharing the whole story. Thinking I know what I want as a bday gift...not that I have any complaints, but if it sustains more sensation, I think that's a win. Congrats!
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    Female piercings are incredible turn ons, for both partners...
    I pierced a woman I was with for 15 years who had a very small clitoris that did not stay particularly firm.... making oral sex rather a chore.

    I put a ring thru both inner labia just below the clit.
    During oral sex, I would flip the ring up with my tongue, and press it with my lips.
    Her clit would pop thru the center of the ring like the button on a butterball turkey... and make it a snap to give her multiple orgasms...one after another after another.....

    How do women feel about pierced penises?
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