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    Jan 21, 2009
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    I've just uploaded my first picture of my cock, never done anything like this before. Kind of scares me to know my penis is now on the internet!

    I sent this picture to my girlfriend but thought I'd get peoples opinions. If you don't know they are called lorums. I had the highest one done first and then the following 2 about a month later. I had rings but they torn a little bit. ouchy!

    I'm not in to guys but the guy who did my piercings is gay :)

    I'm the tiniest bit under 7", although somedays bang on 7" and just over 5" at the base. I measured my cock with my girlfriend which really turned me on, but it just so much shows how girls have no idea cos she thought I was over 8".

    Not planning on a PA though, 2 friends I know have had one, taken them out and now pee out 2 holes :(
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