Players yams of Baseball that are well-endowed.

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by B_Yoselin, Jul 14, 2005.

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    Players' yams of Baseball that are well-endowed. Preferably of players of the Current importance, but also it is cost(been worth) players of last times.

    Hi to all.

    Yesterday I could see in television the game of baseball of ALL-STARS GAME, and in the Baseball there are many men who are very very attractive... there are many men who are burly, of very stout and athletic bodies and in general lines, one sees that they have very masculine bodies…

    When I see these games of baseball frequently I imagine these men in the showers with his completely nake bodies and I imagine that some of them have to have very long flaccid-penis.

    One of the fantasies that I have had from always has been to enter furtively to the showers of the players of baseball, and there, I, hidden from the looks of them, to be able to see when they are bathing … Wow, to do it must be an extraordinary experience.

    My question for all you is:

    1.- Do you know what players of baseball of the Big Leagues have very long penes??.

    2.- Might you give me sportsmen's names that already it is verified that they are Well-Endowed-Men?. (With theirs respective measurements of penis, both in inches and in centimeters).

    3.- Is it true that of the player Ichiro Zuzuki exists a photo that was taken while Ichiro was taking a shower and in this fotography he is completely nake and the photo has a value of $ 1.000.000 and this one is the principal reasons for which now Ichiro is the last man who begins to the showers to have a shower?? (Obviously in order that nobody takes another photography to him).

    If you have in your power photos of players of the Big Leagues where they turn out to be completely nake and one sees perfectly theirs enormous flaccid-penis, I would be grateful to them for you who publish these photos for delight of all of us.

    Y... If accidentally(casually), you have also, men's photos that are players of Basketball where they are nake ALSO, PLEASE publish these photos... Always the myth has existed that the men who play Basketball are men who have the excessively very long penises due to his(her,your) enormous stature.

    There exists a hypothesis that he(she) says that to major stature of the man there is a major size of the penis... Also is said that: To major size of the foot of a major man it will be the size of his penis, this one hypothesis is known as the famous norm or Law of the letter 'L'.

    I do not know if this is true or it is not... But, by chance I know a man of white race that he plays basketball, he) measures 2 mt. of stature and in an occasion he was intoxicated and it was necessary to undress him for power give him) a shower because he had I begin popo in his trousers, in this ocación I could see that he possesses a very long penis in flaccid-state... It was a very beautiful penis... I could not measure it, but I believe that this penis is near 24 cm. of length (24 cm. = 9,45 inches). Besides he possesses a very big foot, his shoes are enormous... In him yes there is fulfilled to the perfection the Law of the letter 'L': Big foot = Big penis.

    I shall be for your answering...

    Thank you very much!.


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    who lives in the east 'neath the willow tree? Sex
    I can never decide whether yoselin is the funniest troll ever, or a frustrated bolivian girl who sneaks onto her dad's computer late at night. either way, I wish she would post more.
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