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    Several years ago in the late 1970s-either '78 or '79-I was on a Greyhound bus and we were cruising along (well it was a Greyhound Cruiser-maybe a scenic or an Americruiser, not sure)) somewhere round about I don't know where (you get old and you'll start forgetting too), a young woman got on board and seemed somewhat disorriented. Nobody spent much time thinking about her; but, being a gabber, I started chatting her up, finding out who she was, where she was headed. Back in those days Charlene Tilton and Dick Van Patten hadn't done that hitchiker movie yet-well, they may have done it*; it just hadn't made it to television yet-and hitchikiking was still common, as was talking with and trusting strangers. I had left my 'suitcase' as it were alone with a woman and her husband for a short while down in Shreveport while I went to use the payphone. They looked safe and trustworthy, and it turned out they were.

    So, anyway, we got to talking as the bus moved along and she mentioned she was looking to get back home to Idaho. I asked her whereabouts in Idaho and she responded 'Pocatello'. Well, to be honest, even though I was fairly good in geography and passed every map test with a perfect score, Pocatello was one place I'd never heard of. I had however heard of Idaho and visited Lewiston and Twin Falls. As the trip went on, she indicated that she'd left Pocatello a few years before. She told the reasons; but, over the years I have forgotten them. In the back of the bus a woman with three children struggled to get them to quiet down. There were two boys and a girl. The girl was named Darla. It was cold on that bus and I gave the woman a shirt for her daughter so she wouldn't be cold.

    Now back to the gal from Kalamazoo...er, Pocatello.

    Eventually the bus reached Dubuque and she got off. As she headed across the road, I watched as an elderly couple came over and they all huddled in one of those mushy hugs that you see on television all the time.

    I don't know what happened to any of the folks on that bus including the woman with two children who was headed to King of Prussia Pennsylvania. What I do remember is the wonderful feel of the airconditioning up against the side of my face and head as I leaned my head against the window and the site of bugs going splat on the windshield of the bus as we zipped along the roads (I always sat in the front, the side of the door that way I saw it all).

    Bus travel-there's nothing better!

    (*and by it, I don't mean that Dick Van Patten and Charlene Tilton were having sex. I meant made the movie-not each other. (hope that clears that one up)

    So, anyone else have any bus travel stories they'd like to share?
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