Poker, a game that really sucks!!!

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Imported, Mar 7, 2004.

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    bigdick04: There was this one weekend where me and a few other guys decide to go up to a cabin for a few days.  We did alot of manly stuff like fishing and hiking.  Then one night we were playing poker and somebody decides to up the stakes.  The loser would have to suck everybody elses dick. So we started the game and guess who was the first loser. Me.  So everybody took off their clothes and i then i chose who to start sucking. Rick was the first guy i sucked, Rick was of the smaller size maybe 4"and his balls weren't that big so i went to work, it didn't take long for him to blow his load.  Jamie was next, his dick was a little bit above average and his balls were a nice size. SO i started to play with his balls with my tongue and then i made my way up his shaft with my tongue and then i began sucking him, it took  him about ten minutes before he blew his load.  Harry was last.  Harry had a very large dick and a large set of balls.  So i give him the best one. First i began licking his torso and then i slowly made my way down to his crotch. I started by licking his hairless balls, taking one at a time because they were so big. Then i slowly made my way up his shaft with my tongue and then i started licking his head and then i took his dick in my mouth. I was sucking for about 20 minutes, then he started moaning, and grunting and then he began to tense up and then he blew his massive load in my mouth, i could not swallow it all and some of dripped out of my mouth, i have to say his cum was the perfect seasoning for his nice meat.  For the rest of the weekend i was his personal cock sucker. We go up to the cabins about twice a month and we always play poker.
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