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    I'm typing this Monday night, 5/4, California time. Today the Dow Jones jumped up 214 points, closing at 8,426.

    Here's some recent Dow Jones history:

    -- Sept. 26, 2008 the Dow closes at 11,143.13

    -- Oct. 1, 2008 Dow closes at 10,831.07

    -- Oct. 14, 2008 Dow closes at 9,310.99

    -- Nov. 6, 2008 Dow closes at 8,695.79

    -- Dec. 23, 2008 Dow closes at 8,419.49

    -- Jan. 20, 2009 Dow closes at 7,949.09

    -- Feb. 19, 2009 Dow closes at 7,465.95

    --March 9, 2009 Dow closes at 6,547.05 (this seems to be the low point)

    --March 19, 2009 Dow closes at 7,400.80

    --April 13, 2009 Dow closes at 8,057.81

    --May 4, 2009 Dow closes at 8,426.74

    That's where we're at now. Everyone's cautious, but this looks like it could be the beginning of the rebound.


    Howard Koeppel and longtime partner Mark Hsiao are the gay friends that took Rudy Giuliani into their apartment after his second wife threw him out of Gracie Mansion in 2001.

    Giuliani met Howard Koeppel in 1988 and the two became close friends. Went to operas and baseball games together. Celebrated together on election night, marched in gay-pride parades. They danced the tango. Giuliani was gay-friendly in these days. Koeppel, the owner of a number of car dealerships, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Giuliani's political campaigns.

    This weekend Howard and Mark tied the knot and got married in Connecticut where it's legal. Rudy was invited, but now that he's deep into conservative politics, he declined the invitation. Or rather, Rudy's secretary called two days earlier to inform Howard and Mark that Giuliani couldn't attend, but wished them the best.


    Republican senator Orrin Hatch said that Obama wants to "move swiftly on the Supreme Court nominee, perhaps making an announcement by the end of this week". Obama reportedly told Hatch to calm down, he won't be nominating "a radical".


    Michele Bachmann is the republican congresswoman from Minnesota who's always making verbal gaffes and was helped into office by evangelical leader James Dobson ("Focus on the Family") in the 2006 campaign by having Minnesota churches distribute quarter of a million "voter guides" to social conservatives (hey, isn't this a violation of the church's tax exempt status?).

    Bachmann has been accused of "channeling Joe McCarthy" by crtics. She said she was very concerned that Obama had "anti-american views". She constantly talks about Obama's "redistribution of wealth", and "socialized medicine", and Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers. Before the November election, she suggested (echoing the House Un-American Activities Committee) that members of Congress be examined to see who's pro-America and who's not pro-America.

    Here's a funny youtube vid of a woman parodying Michele Bachmann:

    YouTube - Michelle Bachmann - takes on Swine Flu - Parody
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    More political odds and ends:

    The new headline reads:

    Miss California: I’ll fight on despite racy photos

    Carrie Prejean claims foes of her same-sex marriage views released them

    Ok. There you go. Miss California is now blaming the people who disagree with her views on gay marriage for selling nude pics.

    The website thedirty.com has six of these photos but so far has posted only one. For people following Carrie's saga, she was hired by the National Organization for Marriage (the folks who put out the "Gathering Storm" TV ad) as their spokesperson.

    Miss California: I?ll fight on despite nude photos - Beauty Pageants



    Last Thursday, the Maine state Senate passed a gay marriage bill. It's being debated in the House right now as I type and looks like it will pass. Maine's governor is a republican and has not indicated if he'll sign the legislation. If so, Maine will become state #5 to allow gay marriage.


    Also. Politico.com is featuring two possible openly gay Supreme Court justice nominees:


    One is Kathleen Sullivan, the former dean of the Stanford Law School. I'm not at all sure if any openly gay nominees are actually being considered by Obama, but it's nice to see the media writing about them. I don't think Obama wanting a justice who is "empathetic" (who empathizes with the pregnant teen or the hispanic/gay/african-american person) is a bad thing -- so long as the nominee is competent and understands the rule of law.
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