Polls about kind of trousers of a W.E. Man

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    NOTE 1: If you want to add your answers about the beach clothes that you use (tanga, bikini, shorts, bermudas) you can do it as an added commentary, not as response to the survey. The answers of this one survey refers to the kind of clothes = Trousers, not to the beach clothes. If you want to add the kind of beach clothes that you use frequently do it as an added commentary. Thank you.

    NOTA 2: When I do reference to 'The Shorts' these are short-trousers that come at a height (level) of the top thigh, closely together of the groin or the sexual-area of the man, BUT when I mention 'The Bermudas', these are shorts-trousers that come to below the half of the thigh or come up to the exact height of the knee of man, these are the Bermudas that it is a kind of clothes that generally the gringos or Yankees (as it was said to them former) are in the habit of using when they are of tourists in other countries.


    Constant I with my obsession for men with very long penises …

    Now I bring yours this one new survey about kind of gown that you usually are in habit of using due to the size of yours virile members.

    Well it is known, that those men that the Nature endowed them of flaccid-penises excessively very lengths, they in their daily life have to face certain and certain small problems that there don't to face men who have small flaccid-penises.

    A man with a very long flaccid-penis cannot use certain kind of gown, like for example: The shorts when he is going to do sport (to walk, to run); the tight trousers like the blue-jeans and others; the bikini and tanga when he goes to the beach, and so forth...

    There is not that he could not use this one kind of clothes, but he should not use it if is that he doesn't want to call the attention of the people with his enormous bundle between legs. Very often, some men who are well-endowed and who besides are Homosexuals are in the habit of using clothes that do that their penises is marked much more. This is done too by the men who are heterosexuals and who are well-endowed too, but in minor proportion that homosexuals men. It is more frequent this sees in homosexuals-men that in heterosexuals-men. In the homosexual world, inside the homosexual world, the size of the genitalia is much more preponderant than in the heterosexual world. The genitalness has a more important role.

    In the previous survey that I realized about reason of the WHY you extract yours proper penises externally of the underpants and let it that is hanging along their legs, it gave as result that majority of men that answered to this survey do this for reasons of comfort, it turns out to them more comfortable to take the penis hanging out of the underpants that to take it inside interior clothes. Some men do it purposely for pretense, in order that people of account that they have a great size. Others confessed that they did not have control of this, they could not control the fact that their penises were or in or out of the underpants.

    In this new survey try of determining what kind of gown you use (those who are well-endowed), but it is extremely necessary that you answer truthfully and not to answer for the alone fact of answering.

    I know a man that frequently he let that his penis is hanging out of his underpants, along his legs. He, since moment that he was aware that he had a very long flaccid-penis returned to use neither tight trousers nor discolored blue-jeans. Since this moment he was accustomed to use very wide clothes, very sluggish and broad clothes. The trousers that he uses now are very broad of this way cylinder of his penis marks him less.

    When he go to the beach uses only long-shorts, that are up to the height of the knees. In some countries theses kind of shorts are called: "Bermudas", he uses always bermudas when he is in the beach, he uses not even tanga not bikini because penis is too well-known and sometimes, in occasions penis is in the habit of going out of the bikini and people see it, and this gives shame to him.

    I will be for yours answering...
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