Poorly Dressed - Jacked Up Clothing

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    On the way out of the restaurant where I was having dinner tonight, a family was making their way in. One of the teenagers looked as if he just rolled out of bed, got in the car and came to have dinner in public. He looked unwashed and unkempt, while the rest of the family was presentable enough.

    Black dress socks with any kind of sports short, or shorts of any kind is jacked up. IMO it's not a good look.

    I signed into Face Book tonight and a friend posted the link to this website which pretty much sums up everything I need to say on the subject of venturing out of the house looking like a hot mess.

    I know money is an issue at times, I understand this. However, when the rest of your family looks clean, hair combed, faces washed etc and your child looks jacked up and stinky that is a different matter all together.

    My parents would have never allowed me out in public looking tore up like that and my folks were people of modest means. I don't understand what people are thinking.

    Poorly Dressed People.
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