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Video Pop Out During A Stretch In The Locker Room

Discussion in 'Gay Photos and Videos' started by mplsingleguy, May 24, 2019.

  1. mplsingleguy

    Gold Member Verified

    Mar 12, 2007
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    Boston (MA, US)
    Can anyone identify this video title or the models? Sports injury, the trainer has to assist with some leg stretches and stuff pops out...

    Oh and just for giggles, has anything like this ever happened to anyone in real life? :) stretch popout.JPG
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  2. 501291

    501291 Guest

    I've ID this before and the 2 escape me now. I can confirm its from NextDoor Studio. They've used that
    gym/set for several vids. It might take me a bit to remember who they are but.. I'll post when I find it. If you find it first based on knowing the studio post in the thread. And.......It has happened to me.
  3. 1127061

    1127061 Guest

    I think the one popping out is Samuel Toole?
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