Pornstars running through the motions when having sex with white guys

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    Ok, let me state I know porn is acting. However, I don't know if anyone else has noticed it as of late but it seems like when a pornstar is having sex with a hung black man, she seems to really be into the scene and enjoying it. I have then seen the same pornstars in a scene with a white guy and they just seem to be running through the motions and not enjoying it as much. I recently watched a porn that had Kaci Starr, I don't remember the name of the scene but it was a gang bang it had white and black guys in it. Well 7 minutes into the scene she was still only playing with the black guys dick, even the camera man said "I think you are giving his dick too much attention" so she then moved onto the white guy but that didn't last long and she went back to the black dick. During the scene I think it was about 25 minutes she probably spent 20 of those minutes playing with the black guy. The scene wasn't meant to make the black man look superior either. So has anyone else noticed this and does a certain scene stick out where a girl just seems to be running through the motions with a white guy or just really enjoys the black guy?

    BTW here is a scene I found. I know there has to be more of this out there.

    Wild interracial orgy
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    gotta keep an eye on the pornstar chicks or they'll screw ya...
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    can't say that i agree. to me, the true test if they are enjoying themselves or not is to see how wet they are. i understand the example you use is of them giving a guy more attention in a group scene, well i don't know about that.

    in terms of them being excited about the guy they're performing with. often times you can tell because there is cum or juices on the dick. i know i get it in real life. when a woman is into me, my dick is covered with a foamy, wet cum. i'm a huge fan of mandingo's stuff, as you've posted, but there are many scenes where the girl hardly looks wet at all. and they have to use lube.

    i'm not a woman, i don't know, but as far as telling authenticity and whether or not they're enjoying it and really cumming. i'm not sure how you can fake that.

    personally when they say things like, "right there. that's it. i'm cumming." that doesn't do anything for me, but when you see girl's slime on a dick, that seems to be a physiological response that they are turned on and lubricating and that can't be faked.

    also, another indication to me, that they're really into a guy is if they kiss them. i don't think a lot of women do that. they'll often turn their heads or kiss a guy on the nipples or something. but to actually passionately kiss, that is rare.

    that is why i love rocco's stuff. because he always kisses the girls he's with and then he goes straight for anal. he's incredible imho.
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