Positions and tips for tall guy with small penis

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by dre101, Jan 29, 2012.

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    I am a 6'2" and i have a 5.5 inch cock from head to the base and 5.3 girth at the biggest part
    What positions can I do? I am a virgin and want to have sex with shorter chicks than me and I also have a small penis. What positions can I do? I heard girl on top is easy to slip out of!
    Take account of my height and size! Thanks!!
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    5.5" is not small - it is average. Also, 5.3" girth is above average, so overall you have a larger than average cock. Congratulations. I can't think of any sexual positions that you can't do due to cock size, which is what you seem to be asking - except maybe stick it up your own arse, which I reckoning a girl might not want to see when you're meant to be fucking her. Well, some girls might, but far fewer than wouldn't!

    Why do you want to fuck shorter girls? If it is because that's what attracts you then fine, we all have our preferences - if you think it is because they have smaller vaginas then you are completely wrong. Just as all tall men do not have long cocks, vagina size does not correspond to a woman's height.
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    That is not a small penis size, it is average. It might look small to you because of your height and the fact that a guy's cock always looks smaller to him than it really is.

    I would think that you would be in good shape to have sex in just about any position except perhaps for really exotic ones or ones that require you to have a long reach just to reach the target. Spooning for example, where you are lying behind her and you are both on your sides can be frustrating with some women depending on their flexibility and size of their butts, because it is easy to pop out.

    Even guys who are significantly bigger than you will pop out in cowgirl position now and then, especially with a new partner. That is just a matter of you and your partner figuring out just how long a stroke you can both take and still remain in the saddle.

    Personally, unless the woman has a strong preference, I would go for some variant of missionary the first time. A lot of women like it because of the eye contact. Put a pillow under her butt to tilt her pelvis up to allow a little deeper penetration. If she doesn't find it uncomfortable, you can also get her to put one or both legs up over your arms or shoulders which shortens up her vagina still more. If you are worried about embarrassing yourself by slipping out, in missionary you will have her relatively "pinned down" so that you will pretty much have control over how long the strokes are, and you can really bear down on her mons with your pubic bone.

    If you are so much taller than her that you wind up looking at the top of her head in standard missionary, you can put her on her back on the edge of the bed and stand facing her holding her legs up. You can lean in to her a bit and this position also allows you a better view of the action, so you can see how far you can come back without danger of your cock slipping out.

    If you hook up with a gal with more experience than you, which will probably be the case, and she has a preference just go with it. She will know more about fucking than you do and will almost certainly have been with guys just about the same size.
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