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    Albertaguy: I have a problem having sex in many positions, doggy usually doesn`t work, or anything else really, but missionary. It has an impact on the variety in my sexual realationship. hopefully somebody can give some advice?
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    Well what exact problem are you having? There is one issue with my gf where she doesn't like being on top or won't go on top for fear that she'll fall off. She basically thinks she's crap at sex, but that I'm an expert (I try ;)) that will all change though in time. It was totally enjoyable for me being on top all night (rubbed my knees RED RAW though ouch!) but that was my first time, I guess repetition would get boring.

    I think with a little TLC most positions are possible unless you're really large. Try taking things slow...Anyone else? Your partner on top should work since they can control depth and speed...
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    During my active days, I could only "give" what I had to "give. Positions, to me were always optional. Really did'nt know a heck of a lot. Some impossible, but, Being only about 6.5 inches in diameter, most partners had no problem with girth, and length was controlable. Well I have pinned a few partners against the headboard, without causing any lasting injury. (Sore for a few days yes, inability to walk straight for a few days, yep. The very few guys I was "forced" service were always accomodating, never did the anal sex route though. The ladies never seemed to mind to much if they were'nt one of the ladies, that scooted out from unerneath me and headed for home. I really loved sex, wanted my parterner to enjoy as much as I, so I could never force any unwanted act or position or depth, on anyone.

    I closing, while overseas I had several interesting encounters with ladies of the night, God bless'em, on one occasion after having sex in the bar with one of the "bar girls" she invited me to her house for the night. It was a paid evening but the first and only time I ever had my bone jumped while standing. Darn near 10.5 to 11 buried. She was about 4'9" tall. The sensation as she bouinced was like having your dick in a jar of warm marshmellow topping.

    I have few complaints about my sex life, when I had one. Only now and for several years now, damn. Dangle dangle flop flop.

    Smoking ruined me.

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