Premature ejaculation

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    Just thought I would share some info. I've struggled with this for ever, all the way back to my youth, couldn't last 5 min. Beer didn't help, edging didn't help, etc.
    30 years of saying "go slow, give me a minute to rest, wait, etc."

    Read about 5-HTP and gave it a shot. I took 200mg around 6pm and had sex around 11pm, and I lasted for 20 min. Did the same thing the next night and went 30 min.
    Both times I could have gone longer, but my wife was worn out. So, I had to focus on having an orgasm, and did within a minute or so.
    The best part is I could go as fast and hard as physically possible. I never had to ease up or go slow. My wife loved it, and its taken our sex life to a new level of satisfaction.

    Bottom line, it works for me. If you suffer, do some research and see if it could help you.
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    I need a pill to speed me up.:tongue:
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