Preparing to bottom for my egyptian friend

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by planner77, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    Hey there ,

    im a black guy who is a bottom virgin. I've met a older arab guy online and met up with him couple times for some fun but havent gone all the way.

    From day 1 ive been teasing him with my virgin hole and its been driving him crazy. Im gonna take him next weekend, (although he dont know that yet gonna suprise him)

    What you think of his cock as a first one, too thick a tool maybe? he says hes broken in a few virgins in the past so im sure he'll be gentle. But i know its gonna hurt, any tips?

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    Go to a sex shop and by an anal douche. It is EXTREMELY important that you clean yourself out!!!! IF not it will be painful and the two of you will reak of shit. When your clean out it is much more pleasurable.

    Do not stop douching until the water that comes out of your hole is clear. Go and wash dishes or something afterwards as long as your standing for about 20 mins then go see if you have any more water still up there if not your good.

    When taking his cock, Find a position that FIRST works for you!!!!!!!! It makes taking it in a different postion better and not to mention you'll know what position works for until your able to deal with the pain that comes with other positions.

    For me having my dude on his back and sitting on his dick is how I start our fuck sessions and ride him good lol. Then when he wants to try a different position I'm ready to take it because I know how good that dick felt in a position I was comfortable in.

    If you have any questions I'm cool with exchanging numbers and being bottom buddies. Besides your friends cock is hot and your hole is fucking AWESOME!! I love hairy men and especially guys with hairy holes :).

    That was a compliment by the way not a come on, I don't want to seem like "that kind of guy" you know......give advice them work his way into the some sex LMFAO!!!!!

    But GOOD LUCK and I hope you get that whole twirked ;)
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