Princeton University


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Sep 29, 2023
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All characters are 18+

Princeton University wasn't just any university. Sure, it sounds like a cliche, but it's the truth. It was the most prestigious college in the country, and it was blatantly obvious by the preppy looking students who strutted around campus, wearing navy suits, white shirts, and all with the red emblem stitched into them.

They all felt like they were better than everyone else. Scratch that, they all knew they were better than everyone else. Most of them came from sickeningly wealthy families. The Rotchbergers were arguably the wealthiest, followed by the Carmichaels, and the list didn't end there.

Those who were lucky enough to have the infamous names, were automatically considered the elites. It gave high school bully vibes, but these guys didn't need to flush anybodies head down a toilet. They had money, and in a place like Princeton, money talked.

I'd gotten in by chance. I was just a regular eighteen year old kid, who happened to be more intelligent than your average Joe. I'd applied as a joke, and when the acceptance letter arrived, I was certain they were playing a joke back. Yet, five months later, there I was.

It looked just like you'd expect a top level university to look. Huge walls to keep out the peasants. A large, castle-like building where students came and went for lectures. Countless smaller buildings, like some medieval fortress, and then there were the dorms.

People like me were left with the standard, run-of-the-mill dorms. You know the ones. Two beds, a broken desk, and a bathroom so small that you can piss from the shower. I didn't mind, much. I'd grown up knowing what it felt like to struggle, so it wasn't anything new to me.

On the other side of campus, however, were the private dorms. You can guess who lived in those..

Harry Rotchberger was the college equivalent to Chris Hemsworth, without the beard. That is, if Chris Hemsworth was ten times hotter than he already was. As much of an asshat as Harry was, there was simply no denying that he was out of this world beautiful.

The guy was worshipped like some sort of mythical god. Every person in the college knew him, and at least ninety percent of them wanted to jump on his dick. It would have been funny, if I wasn't also included in that ninety percent.

From the moment I first laid eyes on him, as he sauntered across campus in a sweat drenched, sleeveless t-shirt, I knew that my days on campus would be spent fantasising over him. He wasn't just hot, he was painfully, annoyingly, fuck me right in the ass hot.

Harry knew he was adored by everyone who looked in his direction. That's why he took the long way back from the gym, and allowed mere mortals like us to gawp as he walked, with a fresh gym pump pulsing blood through his bulging veins.

He also knew that once everybody had gotten a good look at his spectacular physique, that their next target was the giant meat stick that swayed freely in his shorts. At first, I was convinced that it was a joke, and that Harry kept a suspiciously large dildo in his pants. The thing looked like a third leg, swinging back and forth, slapping off his solid thighs. Then the rumours began to circulate. Young women spoke in whispers and limped like cowboys as they giggled. Ten inches is what they estimated, but girls had a habit of over-exaggerating everything about Harry Rotchberger.

So why am I telling you all of this? Just to set the scene for another miserable, gay teenager, who has to sit on the sidelines and watch as the man of his dreams is whisked off by a hot cheerleader? Well, not exactly. You see, when Harry Rotchberger finally noticed me, he did so for a reason that I could hardly believe.

Standing outside the door of my dorm room, Harry wore an oversized hoodie, pulled tight around his face, and baggy sweat pants which still showed the size of his dong. It took me a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor, and when the world's most affluent fuck boy spoke, I almost pissed my pants.

"Word on campus is that you're gay" he told me, with a look so sincere that I knew he couldn't be fucking with me.

"Uh... Yeah?"

"I need a favour, and I need you to keep quiet about it, too".

As a good host should, I invited Harry inside, and I could almost smell the disgust from him. He grimaced at the place, which I guess was to be expected considering the entire dorm was the size of his walk in wardrobe.

"What can I do for you?" I asked, as though we were having some sort of business meeting.

Harry loosened the strings around his hood, and pulled it down to reveal his stunning mane of dark blond hair. He looked nervous. In fact, he looked terrified. I cocked a brow as he tried to find the words, and then they all poured out of him at once, and it sounded something like:


I raised my eyes and shook my head.

"Is that Swahili?"

He looked away, rubbed his flawless chin, and shook his head. A deep breath later, he spoke more coherently.

"I'm gonna' need you to let me fuck you".

The silence that fell between us was the loudest silence I had ever known. It felt like someone had dunked my entire body into molten lava, and the warmth swarmed me like a pack of angry hornets. I felt my cheeks burn red, and when I laughed, Harry stood up.

"This was a mistake" he said, and hurried toward the door.

"No, no, wait!" I barked after him, because for every mistake I'd ever made, this would not be one of them. "You're fucking with me, right? What is this, some kind of college initiation? Pin the dick on the gay boy, huh?"

I expected the door to burst open and the rest of the snobby students to pile into the room with streamers and whistles, but Harry turned back and shook his head.

"I'm a virgin, Karl".

Now he really was fucking with me. I sniggered again, and shook my head.

"First of all, my name is Carter. Second of all, you're not a virgin, because every chick in this place has talked about your huge fucking... Whatever you want to call that trouser snake".

With absolutely no form of warning. No hint of notification. With not a single shred of notice, Harry fucking Rotchberger pulled his grey sweatpants down to his ankles, and stood back up, completely exposed, and utterly breathtaking, as his huge manhood bounced between his legs.

It felt like the entire world had stopped, and all I could do was stand and behold the glorious sight before me. He was groomed to perfection, with only a small, stubbled patch of pubic hair above his mammoth organ. His balls hung down low, contained inside the most succulent looking sack I had ever seen. His cock, like a flesh coloured baseball bat, was smooth, yet bulging with veins, and the mushroom head was as pink as cotton candy at a fairground.

"I think I need to sit down" I admitted, and fumbled my way onto a chair.

"Nobody can take it, man" he sighed, and looked down at his giant cock.

It wasn't ten inches, but it wasn't far off either. Perhaps it could get to ten, but that thought both terrified and intrigued me. I bit down on my lip and swallowed hard.

"I'm guessing your general knowledge about the anatomy of a gay man is a little skewed" I finally said, as Harry remained half naked. "But, I hate to break it to you, that ain't fitting in me either".

He cocked his head like a confused puppy.

"But... But I watched... I watched gay porn" he told me, whispering the 'gay' part in case that somehow made him more gay than the fact that he was standing there with his cock and balls hanging out.

"Right" I nodded, "and that's porn. This..." I continued, and gestured around the room, "is not".

He rubbed his face with frustration and finally reached for his pants.

"Wait, wait, hold up" I said, and got to my feet, which felt like jelly, "that doesn't mean I can't try".

Harry stopped and stared at me, and a flicker of hope lit up his vibrant blue eyes.

"Really?" He gasped, and when he realised that his voice pitched too high, he coughed, and repeated the word in a more masculine tone.

Harry's cock would have ruptured every internal organ that I possessed. The thing looked large enough to be a method of execution, but I was prepared to meet the executioner, because turning down Harry Rotchberger was not on my agenda.

"I have lube" he told me, and stepped out of his pants, so that now he really was naked below the waist.

"Did you bring a bathtub full?" I asked, still unsure how my night had gone from watching a mind numbing documentary on Netflix, to staring at Harry's cock.

He pulled his hoodie over his head, and I realised that he'd worn nothing else but the hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers. He looked even more impressive than I ever would have expected. Every part of his body looked as though it had been carved. Each muscle, each ab, each vein. He was a masterpiece.

"So um... I don't really know how you gays... I mean, guys do this" he gulped, and his cheeks began to blush. "Do you like... I don't know. Do you want to suck it or..."

The words had barely left his mouth. In fact, by the time he finished the sentence, I was already on my knees in front of him.

The scent of him washed over me like a warm, delicious blanket of happiness. He was neither fresh, nor ripe, but at some sweet spot in the middle that allowed me to inhale the sweet aroma of a workout, as well as the faded masculine fragrance of a 9-in-1 body wash.

I picked his cock up in my hand and shouldn't have been as surprised by the weight of it as I was. It felt like a limb, and as soon as my fingers began to wrap around it, Harry's rod swelled.

"It gets bigger?" I asked, watching as the helmet became engorged.

"Not a lot" he grimaced, as though he was ashamed of it.

Thankfully, Harry was correct. Although the massive cock stiffened in my grasp, the actual length of it remained relatively similar. Despite that, I was now quite sure that the rumours weren't exaggerations after all.

"Oh yeah" he mumbled, as I began to slide my hand up and down it, peeling back his long, loose foreskin slightly further, and allowing his glans to be revealed fully.

His beefy arms hung down by his sides as he exhaled deeply. His head hung back, and Harry relaxed into the handjob.

None of it seemed real, but I'd think about all of that later. That's if I survived what was sure to be the hardest fuck I had ever taken.

With each stroke, Harry's heavy balls bounced. I leaned forward, still working his meat with my hand, and slid my tongue along his sack. He whistled, which seemed like a good thing.

"You sure know your way around a cock" he grunted, making a hissing sound between his teeth, "damn, that's good".

This was my one, and possibly only shot at making Harry so very impressed, that he'd have to return for more. I continued sucking on each of his balls as I jerked him off, and then I felt the thick bead of pre-cum pour down the underside of his shaft, and drench my hand.

I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could, and took his helmet inside. The sharp flavour made my own cock dance in my underwear, and my tongue instantly lapped at his gaping cumslit, which continued to pour.

"Aw shit, man" he moaned, his hand finding the back of my head, "that's real good".

It felt like a tap had been turned on. Copious amounts of pre-spunk cascaded down my throat, and I swallowed it eagerly. I didn't want to waste a drop, but I had never come across somebody who could produce so much fluid at such an alarming rate. I wondered if his cock was so large that having that much natural lubrication was very much necessary.

"Don't worry about taking it all, bro" he breathed, slowly thrusting an inch or two deeper, "it's no big deal".

Perhaps Harry underestimated me. I was, after all, a gay man, and this wasn't my first cock-rodeo. I opened my throat as wide as I could, like some sort of exotic reptile, preparing for a feast, and fed more of his wet, salty meat into me. I watched as he stared down at me with eyes like saucers.

"Holy fucking shit" he gasped, as inch by inch, I swallowed his cock.

Admittedly, nothing of this magnitude had ever gone down my throat before, and as skilled as I was, after eight inches, I felt like I was about to burst. Harry, however, had been transported to a different dimension, and was shaking with pleasure.

"Oh man. Oh fuck, that's the best fucking head I've ever had".

He held me so gently that I began to wonder if it was even Harry at all. Had someone dressed up as the beautiful young man? Someone kind? He pumped more pre-cum into my stomach, and let out a long, loud grunt.

"Damn, dude, I could fucking cum right now!".

Part of me wanted him to. Part of me wanted to please him so much with my mouth, that maybe he'd forget about impaling my ass. And then another part could think of nothing better than Harry slamming deep into my hole, with the sound of his balls slapping off mine.

"I wanna eat your ass" he blurted, "let me eat your ass, dude".


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Sep 29, 2023
Dublin, Leinster,Ireland
90% Gay, 10% Straight
Part 2

If Harry thought I was going to protest, he had another thing coming. I got to my feet and instantly began to pull my t-shirt off, until he stopped me, and did it himself.

"Let me take care of you" he said, his eyes on my body as he peeled the t-shirt over my head.

His stiff, leaking cock was the only thing between us now. He studied my nude torso as my own cock bulged against my pants, and pressed his hand to my chest.

"Your hearts racing" he whispered, sliding his finger over my sensitive nipple, and making me shiver with pleasure.

Harry reached my pants, and I knew that in just a moment, I would feel more inadequate than I ever had before. How could I stand naked in front of a man with a cock twice the size of mine? It wasn't even an exaggeration, either. At five inches, it was very likely that Harry was indeed double my length, and when he slid my pants and underwear to my ankles, he noticed it.

"Aren't you lucky" he said, and tapped the head of my erection with his fingers.

He wasted no time after that. With relative ease, the handsome young man led me to my own bed and set me down on my hands and knees. I gasped as he pried open my ass cheeks, and gasped again when his warm, wet mouth enveloped my whole asshole.

Chills ran up my spine as his tongue slid around the rim, slowly lubing me up with his saliva. There were few things in the world that I loved more than having my ass eaten, and I began to moan almost instantly.

His tongue was larger than I had expected, but worked better than any that had ever been in my ass before. For a straight man, he was incredibly gifted at rimming, and my eyes rolled as he pushed deeper into my hole, and slurped on my pussy.

He spread me further apart with his hands, eager to access the deepest parts of me as he thumbed open my spit drenched hole and plunged further. His tongue swirled and spiralled inside me, causing feelings that I'd never had before. I squeezed the sheets below me, and moaned once more.

"You taste so good, man" he gasped, and spat a splash of saliva against my opening, before making out with it once more.

I felt his spit drool down my taint and drip from my balls. It was easily the best rim-job I'd ever received in my life, and just like Harry, I felt like I was about to shoot my load all over the bedsheets. I bucked forward, driving my cock into an imaginary orifice, and groaned when he stopped.

For just a moment, I remained in place and almost wept with frustration. I wanted his tongue to return to my hole and remain there forever, but instead of his tongue, Harry pushed a single finger into me, and my sphincter clenched around it.

"You're tight for a gay guy" he said, and I wasn't sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

He explored my asshole for a while, gently gliding in and out as I purred with pleasure. He hooked it inside me, sliding off my prostate and forcing another sharp moan to escape me as my cock twitched.

Another finger squeezed inside, spreading me wider around him as he pumped. "It's like fingering a chick" he said, more to himself than to me.

He twisted, pumped and curled his fingers. He spread them apart like scissors, wiggled them deep in my rectum, and scraped my prostate with his fingertips. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven as I rested my face on my drool-drenched pillow, and gasped.

Harry could have spent the rest of the night fingering me, and I wouldn't have had any problem with that. Instead, he pulled his fingers out, leaving my asshole slightly agape, and fished out a bottle of lube from his pocket on the floor. He must have been confident.

The cool liquid poured down my ass crack, and Harry guided it inside me with his thumb. He spiralled it around the rim, coating my hole with the thick, slippery fluids, and dumped even more of it inside me. It felt like someone was cumming in me, and I couldn't help but whimper as more of the stuff drooled over me.

"Gotta get you nice and wet" he whispered, and I listened as he jerked his huge rod with a wet hand, and covered it in lube.

I had no idea how this was going to work. The largest cock I'd ever taken was perhaps seven inches long, and even that had been a struggle. I'd used a dildo once, that was slightly larger, but the pain had been too much to handle. This was larger than both.

"I'm gonna go real slow, alright?" He said, and placed his foot on the edge of the bed as he dipped his hips and slid his bulbous helmet against my wet hole.

"That's probably a good idea" I gulped, and did everything I could to relax the muscles in my ass.

The feeling of his smooth, wet glans rubbing around my rim made me shiver. I could already tell that he was far too large for me, but what life without a little pain? He pushed slowly, and I backed my hole onto him, and as my sphincter began to spread, a fiery burn rushed through me.

"Fuck" I hissed, pulling my ass cheeks as far apart as I could.

"You good?"

"It's too big, man" I grunted, and he eased slightly and poured more lube.

Harry tried again, and got a little further this time. It felt like someone was sliding their entire fist into me, and no matter how hard I tried, the pain was too intense.

"Fuck! It feels like I'm being impaled" I growled, grabbing the lips of my asshole, and impatiently trying to pull them apart.

"You look hot like that" he chuckled, and slapped my open hole with his cock before trying once more.

This time, Harry's large cock head made considerable progress. I whimpered as it pushed inside me, and then yelped when the entire mushroom popped through ring.

"Oh shit" he panted, "I'm in! I'm actually fucking in!"

"I know" I groaned, trying to breathe through the dull ache, "I can feel it".

We stayed in place for a moment, both of us trying to come to terms with these new feelings, and then slowly, Harry began to slide deeper.

"Oh my god" I moaned, as my entire rectum began to stretch around his meat.

My prostate became smothered by his cock. It felt like I had lost control of my bladder as he pushed deeper, and suddenly I was pissing, and there wasn't a thing in the world I could do about it.

"Shit, I'm real sorry about that" Harry groaned, but neither of us cared. The pleasure was more than anything I had ever expected. No sex had ever caused a reaction like this, and as urine gushed from me, onto my bed, Harry continued.

My breathing became frantic and wheezy. My eyes rolled back, and my cock twitched and leaked as he continued his journey into me. I felt pleasure in places that I had never known pleasure to exist. I felt pain, too, but it was overwhelmed by the arousal.

I felt him in my stomach. Mindlessly, I reached down and pushed the soft flesh above my groin, and with my fingers, I could feel the bulge of his cock.

"Dude" I gasped, "you're literally in my freaking stomach!"

Neither of us knew how to feel about that, but it didn't matter now. Harry Rotchberger had quite literally impaled me, and it felt fucking wonderful.

"I never thought I'd be this deep in anyone" he told me, holding my waist and sweating on top of me, "oh man, this is fucking awesome".

He pushed his groin and balls against me, and I knew that every last inch of the hot young man was now buried in my body. I clenched, but it was entirely useless. The muscles in my asshole had given up, and Harry had full and complete use of it now, with no protest from my sphincter.

As he slowly began to fuck me, I wondered if I'd ever be the same again. Would his giant cock do so much permanent damage, that for the rest of my days, I'd be forced to wear a diaper? The idea made me cringe, but I'd deal with that later. Harry pulled out a few inches, and shoved them back in, and fireworks exploded inside me as I moaned loud.

"You like that?" He asked, speeding up slightly.

"Fuck yeah, I like it" I said breathlessly, and closed my eyes as he began.

Being fucked by Harry was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. I felt like I'd discovered parts of my body that I hadn't known existed. Deep, secret parts that he'd unlocked for me, and now that I knew about them, I'd spend the rest of my life searching for people to find them again.

It was easy to tell that Harry was the athletic sort. For almost thirty minutes, the young beefcake kept up the same stamina. He fucked me with such force that the entire bed and moved across the room, and not once did he stop for a breather.

My body dripped with sweat. His body did, too, and I could feel the droplets fall from him and land on my back. He fucked me with such force that when my cock began to spray cum into the pool of piss that he'd forced out of me, all I could do was shake and gasp. He fucked me with such force that when he coaxed a second orgasm from me, I had to bury my face in the pillow and cry out in pleasure.

On and on he went, with stamina that blew my mind, and my load. I felt like I was passing out when the third orgasm rippled through my entire body, and turned me so limp that I could no longer keep myself in position.

Harry crawled on the bed on top of me, seemingly unbothered by the mess that he'd caused me to make. He bounced on me, driving his meat hammer deeper with each thrust, and then finally, with his strong hands holding my naked, sweaty shoulders into the mattress, Harry orgasmed.

I'd given myself an enema once, and that was the closest thing to describe Harry Rotchberger cumming in my ass. It was like a hose. The thing expanded, and began to pour sperm into the deepest, darkest crevices of my body. I knew in that moment, that the likelihood of ever passing his sperm was slim. It had been dumped too deep inside me, and now a part of Harry would remain with me for life.

The man eventually pulled out of me. His long, wet rope slipped from my battered hole, and made wet sounds as it fell out and left me gaping. I felt a breeze of air whipping into my bowels, and knew that I was spread so far apart that life would be difficult for the next few days.

"That was real good, man" he said, cleaning himself up as I lay there, panting, moaning, drooling and sweating. "I'll see you around".

I wanted to lift my head from the wet mattress and arrange a second visit, but I was too exhausted, too aroused, and too confused to do anything but sleep.

The alarm woke me the next morning. My head felt light, and the lower half of my body ached painfully. I moved to one side, blindly trying to find my phone, and realised that I was almost glued to the sheets. I got to my feet, hissed at the pain in my asshole, and limped toward the shower. Today would be a long day indeed.

By lunch time, I'd almost managed to walk without wincing. I shuffled over to a bench, stared at it and decided against it. Sitting down had been a nightmare, and so I stood near a group of young women and never intended on listening to their conversation.

"Oh my god, stop it!" One of them gasped, and I rolled my eyes. Why were chicks always so dramatic?

"No way!" Another said, "he did the exact same thing with me!"

"You're kidding!" A third added, "me too!"

I wasn't very interested, until I heard his name.

"I always knew Harry Rotchberger was a fuck boy" one giggled, "but who cares right? I mean, so what if he tells a few white lies to get what he wants. His cock was fire!"

I gawped at the apple in my hand.

"I know, but why not just be honest?" One of them said, "it's not like many people would say no anyway, right?"

"This whole sob story about nobody being able to take his dick, I saw right through him when he said it to me".

"I bet you still fucked him, though"

"Um... Duh!" She replied, and the group of them screeched with laughter as they walked away.

I stood there, dazed and confused as my hole throbbed with pain. It had all been a lie. Harry had given me some dumb story, and I'd fallen for it. I looked around, completely bewildered, and considered getting angry, and then I considered it again.

Harry didn't fuck me because he was some poor, unfortunate virgin. He fucked me because he wanted to fuck me. I looked over at a group of passing young men, and found Harry at the front. He pulled his sunglasses down his perfect nose, stared directly at me and winked.

"Holy shit".

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