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    On Saturday morning I had an appointment at the Priory Clinic in SW London (as visited by Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell).
    My appointment was for 11.00am.
    I had been quoted £150 cash (no cheques and no credit cards accepted).
    The Professor was 30 minutes late and did not apologise until I reminded him that anxiety neurotics were obsessive about time-keeping.
    He then was concerned about how I would pay the bill and was visibly annoyed that I had only brought £150 saying "I ought to brought my cheque-book".
    I repeated what his secretary had told me about hard cash ....
    He took my credit card details and asked me to post a cheque forthwith.
    He enquired about my Healthcasre provider.
    The Priory has had suicidesd by inmates and has a bad reputation.
    Prof. seemed more anxious and depressded than me.
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    The big hint, is kids, don't do drugs.

    Unless you're rich. Very rich.
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