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Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by PonyBoi, Dec 21, 2006.

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    I know this is probably fake and phony but it kinda... piqued my interest once...
    I saw an add about enlargement patches (what gimmick will they think of next) and wondered if it would really work...
    I mean I don't think there's any easy way...
    Though I do like the way the Jex-Extender seems to work... maybe in conjunction with pills or patches or what have you you can see more... prounced results in a shorter time...
    See I have a foreskin... and I don't fully understand jelquing but I'm not keen on pulling on it because the skin moves around a lot and I don't wanna mess up... and I'm not necessarily looking for much girth... just an inch or to in length... I already have a strong hard erection so it's not a case of pumping more blood in but having somewhere more to put it >.< I dunno.
    I'll be hoenst and say I'm scared to try and screw up or pay too much...
    and I don't always have a lot of time...
    plus I live with three other guys so there isn't a lot of private time in my day. *shrugs*
    Is it a lost cause? SHould I try? I'm already terribly easy to unmotivate when results aren't... well not instant but less than gratifying in a short period of time... *Shrugs* I dunno what to do really or where to start... everything is so confusing... all I want is a little length to go with this girth...

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    Pills and patches don't work. Further, they can cause blood pressure problems. Those with yohimbe can be downright dangerous if you have a reaction.

    Some of the pills and patches DO contain supplements that have been reported to help blood flow to the genitals or enhance ejaculation (like L-argenine), but without a PE regimen, they won't help you make anything larger other than the manufacturer's bank account.
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