Promicious Lovers of the World that Dig Squirting Pussies

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    Sailing the 7 Seas
    To give great pleasure is the greatest pleasure for you?

    Yes? Then read on.

    Do any of the following topics interest you?

    • Squirting
    • Whole Body Orgasms
    • Continuous Female Orgasms / 1 Hour Female Orgasms
    • Tantric / Taoist Sex
    • Multi Orgasms for Men
    • Oral Sex Mastery
    • Any other advanced sexual topic that wasn't covered in sex-ed

    Then this might be for you.

    LPSG is a great place for sexual discussions.
    But for some sexual discussions a 1-on-1 conversation with somebody who knows might be better.
    Your friends might not have the needed expertise, tools or interest.
    But I think a lot of people on LPSG have.

    I want to form a circle of friends that communicates via IM about advanced sexual topics.

    "The Sexual Giants of the World"

    Advice, Anecdotes, Adventures - whatever you want to know or share: here you find the people.

    If you are honest, willing to help and want to share your adventures.

    Then join the Sexual Giants of the World.

    • Fire up Yahoo Messenger or download:
    • Add me as a contact: rex_rhuggheimer
    • As Group put: "Sexual Giants of the World"
    • Add everybody else who posts his Yahoo ID in this thread
    • Post your own Yahoo ID to this thread
    • Check who's online and share your stories or ask question

    Have Fun!
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