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    In attending a wonderful charity event last night to benefit the building of orphanages in Cambodia i saw countless friends and made many new friends.
    I volunteered at this charity acution/cocktail/dinner party. Attendees bid generously on wonderful items ranging from diamond necklaces to landscape design and installations for their homes, to art work to bikes for thier kids.
    At the end of the night as everyone happily left with their purchases, there was a great deal of food left and those that helped organize the event stayed and took this wonderful food and plated it up/containered it and took it to the homes of people who had lost their jobs, or any people for whatever reason were in need.
    While I am thrilled to have been involved in helping Camodian orphanages, it thrilled me to be part of something local like feeding people who were hungry and could not go shopping for the food that was available at the event tonight.
    So i would encourage you and anyone you know - if at all possible, after events (there should be many coming up with the holiday seasons upon us) to figure out people who could be served by your thoughtfulness and serve them as gift of kindness to them.
    As much as you may think of someone and think 'oh - they won't want this, or they will be offended if i take them something' just do it. even if they don't need whatever you bring them, they will know someone who will.
    And most importantly - what you brought the original person is thought and kindness. So i hope you are able to bear this in mind. Thanks.
    - Chris
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