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    Every so often a group of us fellows get together to play cards. The last time we played, Steve a good friend of mine, left the game to use the bathroom. He was gone for quite sometime. When he returned his face was flushed and he seemed sort of nervous. None of us thought anything about it at the time. Just as the guys were leaving my wife came home from the mall. A little later she took a shower and came into the bedroom wearing only a pair of silky pink panties. Honey, she said, I washed out these panties early this morning and hung them over the bar in the bathroom, but they still feel damp and kind of sticky. I pushed my fingers against her causing the silk panties to slip up inside her pussy, I fingered her for awhile and then she said stop doing that. I pulled my hand away, but the panties were still way up inside her pussy. She pulled them out and said just tell me if they feel wet. No they don't I said. As I looked at her panties I noticed what appeared to be a large stain all over the front of them. I didn't mention it to her. My wife kept saying they felt wet and should have been dry by now, but she wore them the rest of the day.
    The next day Steve called me to say he was sorry and should have told me what he had done earlier. During the game the other day when he went to the bathroom he noticed my wife's pink panties hanging on the bar. He could not help himself, he said, he just had to try them on. When he did it made him so hard he stroked himself and before he know it he had dumped a big load of cum in them. Not knowing what else to do - he just hung the cum soaked panties back on the bar. He again said he was sorry. I said don't worry about it. After he hung up I started thinking about my wife wearing those damp, sticky panties all this time and that I had pushed them up into her pussy with Steve's cum in them. The more I thought about it the harder my cock got. Then I remembered the large stain I had seen on the front of them. That made my cock harder. Then I realized my wife had been wearing panties that some other guy had cum in. She had been fucked by proxy. That's when I stroked off and shot my load. Naturally I never told my wife about Steve cumming in her pink panties.
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