Psoriasis and Argan Oil

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    In the spirit of support.

    This post is about Psoriasis. A very common and deeply upsetting skin condition. For those that have it, you know what I'm talking about, for those that don't, have a read of this.

    Psoriasis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have Psoriasis, but am extremly fortunate that I only have a mild 1% / 2% coverage. It's an evil condition with no cure, harsh treatments, a deep stigma attached to it, that crushes ones soul in a way that very few except fellow sufferes can understand.

    I'm a shy guy anyway, but Psoriasis has robbed me of 75% of what little confidence I have in daily life but enough about that or i might fail to write this for tears.

    I found this today.

    Amateur scientist hits on cure for 14-year itch - National News, Frontpage -

    I have contacted the guy to ask him a few questions about the potentaily amazing results Argan Oil has on relieving and even helping remission of Psoriasis.

    Depending on what he has to say, I'm going to buy and try some of his solutions and see if they really can do what they say on the tin.

    For anyone out there with P. or anyone who knows anyone with it, this is his website:

    Abbey Oils Solutions

    I am not recommending this as I havent tried it myself yet, but will keep you all informed on how my trail of this stuff goes.

    The hope is that anyone out there suffering as well, may be offered a bit of help before science finds a true genetic cure for us all.

    Pup, x.
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