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    Nov 5, 2007
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    I was sitting in park on a beautiful spring day. I had my back to a tree
    and was lost in my book when a couple came and lay a blanket down
    on the ground close to me.

    I was a little annoyed because there were not that many people in the
    park that day. They had loads of room, so why did they have to come
    sit near me. I took another look at them and noticed that they were
    both rather good looking. She had long flaxen hair and a real pretty
    face. Her tits were small and firm and I could see her large nipples
    strain against the white cotton of her vest. He had dark hair and a
    handsome, square jawed face. He was wearing a pair of short running
    shorts that had gone out of fashion a long time ago. When she briefly
    hitched up her long cotton skirt I noticed that both had long,
    sunbronzed limbs and looked the picture of good health; .

    They smiled at me and said hello then settled themselves on the
    blanket. As they had no picnic basket my curiosity was aroused.. I
    found it difficult to concentrate on the book now. I found I was
    reading the same paragraph over and over. I looked up from my book
    and noticed that the good looking pair were lying down now and
    were kissing each other quite passionately. I felt my balls start to stir
    in my loose fitting shorts. I wasn't wearing any underpants and had
    been enjoying the cooling breeze that blew up the leg of my shorts
    every now and again.

    I sure could do with a cooling breeze now because what I could see
    going on before my very eyes was extremely hot. Their kissing had
    grown ever more urgent. I looked around but there didn't seem to be
    too many people about. I was the only one who could see them, and
    then it dawned on me...that is exactly what they wanted. My heart
    pounded with lust at the idea that they might be about to put on a
    show for me. As if reading my thoughts their hands started to roam
    all over each other's bodies. I watched as his hand slid up her vest
    and fondled her delicious little pears. How I wished it was my fingers
    tracing over those rock hard nipples.

    Her hand was now cupped around his butt and she was really
    kneading his butt flesh. She broke off her passionate kiss to look
    around briefly. Satisfied, perhaps, that I was the only voyeur she went
    back to kissing him while her hand dipped into the back of his shorts.
    My cock was steel hard now and tenting my own shorts. Already a
    drop of precum had wetted the fabric. I slid my hand up the side of
    my shorts and gently tugged on my eight inch wanger. I smeared the
    precum all over the cock head and delighted in the tingles that shot
    right down to the soles of my feet. I could not remember when last I
    had been so turned on.

    The guy rolled over on his back and I saw an enormous bulge in his
    shorts. Seen like this, those shorts were impossibly skimpy. His bulge
    was visible for only a second or two because she sat down on him
    and it was covered by her long skirt. As she bent down to kiss him
    her long hair cascaded onto his neck. It was just the sexiest thing you
    could wish to see. They were soon lost in the throes of another kiss
    and I cursed her long skirt. I wondered what was going on under
    there. Were they just dry humping, or had he got it out. As these
    thoughts crossed my mind I looked around to make sure that they
    were safe and slowly jacked my cock inside my shorts.

    And then I saw his legs pumping. I knew then that he was in her and I
    felt my throat go dry as a crimson flush crossed my neck and chest. I
    pulled my cock out the side of my shorts and started giving it some
    close attention. I was so damn horny that the precum just kept oozing
    out of me. It was like having my own personal bottle of lubricant
    with me. It made each stroke more intense. My cock head was so
    super sensitive that I had to hold back from stroking every now and
    then to give it a chance to calm down a little.

    My cock was just starting to come down from the boil when he hiked
    her skirt up, exposing the full fact of their hot fucking for me to see.
    He had his cock out the side of his shorts, and I realized now why he
    had chose to wear them. They gave him great ease of access. His big
    brown cock slid back and forth into her slick pussy. I could see her
    pussy juices glistening on his dick as he stroked. As he pumped he
    stroked her shapely butt. Every now and then he would brush a finger
    against her puckerhole. His big nuts were drawn up close to his
    thrusting sword and I wondered if he was as close as I was. My cock
    threatened to blow as I furiously fisted it while never once taking my
    eyes off of the horny sight in front of me. My sweaty balls bounced
    along as my fist flew over the rigid shaft of my horny dick.

    She started bucking against him now. I guess she was getting close
    too. Suddenly she reared up and came right off him. I saw his angry
    red knob briefly before it sliced back into her juicy cunt. His cock
    head was coated with her juices and how I wished it were me
    slipping into that golden valley of hers. He grabbed hold of her butt
    cheeks and started really thrusting like crazy now. A guttural moan
    started to rise up and at first I wasn't sure if it was him or her making
    that sound. It was getting harder for me to breathe and I could feel
    my orgasm building.

    The moaning went on and on and I knew now it could only be her.
    Suddenly I heard him grunt. It sounded like an angry leopard and I
    knew the end was close. He thrust upwards with such force that they
    lost their synchronisity and his cock came out of her. Immediately it
    made contact with the air it exploded and sent a huge spurt of thick
    cum flying up into the air. His jizz landed on her bare shoulder, while
    the next three spurts landed on her vest.

    That was me done; I had never seen such a horny cum. My cock
    lurched and a cry caught in my throat as my balls exploded. A stream
    of white fuck sauce shot out before me into the grass. I was still
    sitting there in a dazed state, with my softening cock hanging out the
    side of my shorts, when they got up and left.

    Daniel Blue
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    Jun 17, 2006
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    Good Story, it got me hard and thobbing!
  3. D_Mallaber Manynuts

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    Apr 8, 2006
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