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    Jul 9, 2004
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    Ok hi guys and girls, i just wanna know if any of you get hard in a public toilet or something like that cause i got hard before i went into a public toilet and i couldn't get my dick out of my pants and when i did the men next to me were watching it so one time i took it out. It was hard so i put my hand on my head and just let it stay there all hard i got alot of look not that i want them but they look anyway so what is th point in hiding so after i could not get it back in my pants. I'm 9 long soy do guys look at me when im hard and I' young so i don't like it . Does it happen 2 you? Please share yr stories thanks
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    Buddy: The type of public restroom is what sets me off. If the restroom has dividers between the urinals then I'm okay. Bit if there are no dividers I always get hard and always get a look at. I noticed one time, the man next to me had on the baggy nylon shorts, he just lifed one pants leg up and over his dick and peed. I tried it at home, I didn't leave wet marks on my shorts and I got a great hard on. Try it!
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