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    Miss the good old days of sex in public. In New Orleans in the 70's and early 80's there was more than one place to go day and night for fun. At MRB's they had a back patio that you could go to in middle of the day strip and have sex and there were 2 or 3 other couples doing the same and some guy jerking off watching late nights you could do it onthe front patio or a remember one time about 6pm we had some young guy naked doing him while people came in and out. Jewels was trash all the time more than once walked in early afternoon to find guys naked one time I even got a blow job early one day 3 stools from the fromt door. During the police strike in the 70's City Park was fantastic around POP's Fountain was almost like an orgy at night no one trying to hide what they were doing, although that area was still very active about 6 years ago also lived in an appartment building in the mid 70's where sex around the pool was common or people running around naked when ther was a party would happen. Rawhide is okay these but not the same miss those old days
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