pump injury or hernia or what?

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by SCbi, Nov 19, 2007.

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    OK not that I want to write this but need some input before heading to the Doc for a check. Started pumping a few weeks back nothing outraegous but 15-30 minutes at a comfortable level. Last week I did a session and then hit the shower....soaped up jacked a bit felt a little stimulation then boom....not even hard just thick and fluffed...and out came a normal size load and some slight testical pain and some internal discomfort like something didn't connect or snapped or something. Natually scared me a bit. Felt kinda like tweeky a knee joint in sports not really pain but you know something inside is screwed up...stretched, twisted or something. Now I have slight tesitcal discomfort little abdominal discomfort and I coughed and felt like under my ball sack somebody clamped a vice grip. I have started working out again and don't know if I have herniated myself or done something stupid with the pump to injure my goods. Now I am afraid to even think about a hard-on (and today the receptionist's tight slacks and unreal 19yo ass did NOT help). Have tried to jack and I get a semi but feel like something still isn't right and I should stop. Sorry for the long uncomfortable issue and post but anyone have a clue where I should start.....right now I am resting and hoping it goes back to normal and I feel like humping everything in sight.....but doubt that is right around the corner. (slight discomfort in urinating and even the urge to urinate feels different as though something is diconnected internally....) ok....anyone??
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