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    Needing some help, guys.

    Surfing the Web one day I noticed that upon surfing for web pages that can't be found (usually resulting in a 404 page warning on Internet Explorer), instead of going to an IE-generated browser page querying for more search results, my computer goes to http://www.qcksearch.com and provides a list of (useless!) keywords.

    I'm sure it's spyware and I tried deleting it with Ad-Aware with no apparent success. I'll probably download the latest free version of Ad-aware and try again, but if that fails, any recommendations?
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    7x6andchg: Dee-

    As much as it might pain you to do it - somewhere on that page it directs you to there MIGHT be a "how to remove" link, I know there is for the "Search Explorer" toobar - this happened to me once (don't even get me started on the Bonzi Buddy incident) and it took FOREVER and THREE updates on Ad-Aware to get rid of it.

    Please let me know if the Ad-Aware works - if it does I'm going to download the latest update myself.

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