Quarterback Brady Quinn's Cleveland Debut

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    Brady Quinn was upstaged by Jay Culter in his first career start - Peter King - SI.com

    Last night may be remembered as The Drive- Part Deux. It may also go into the books as still another of the incredible string of improbable ways Cleveland teams find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There is just something about that word- Cleveland- that implies a city in a retrograde orbit about the Sun. A place where the eerily weird is treated as normal in sports (like a 93 yard 4th quarter touchdown pass after the NFL network shows a vignette of Elway's drive on TV.) Things like that just don't happen in average cities such as Buffalo or Pittsburgh.

    I try to convince myself that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Californian. After all, I live in an affluent Orange County coastal community and I went to college in Southern California. But I will always have Cleveland, Ohio on my birth certificate and a ton of relatives in and around northeast Ohio. Moreover, I feel my Ohio connection each time these otherwordly sports disasters befall a Cleveland team. And it's not just the losses, but the dramatic way the Browns, Indians and the Cavaliers manage to lose that have taught me the following lesson: just when the Sun begins to shine and the birds tweet I can expect all manner of improbable hell to break loose. It comes with the word Cleveland.

    Last night Brady Quinn came out of the tunnel with smoke billowing and the crowd cheering like Zeus atop Mt. Olympus. O.K. the guy's not the 6' 4" Charlie Weiss advertised (more like 6' 2") and his throwing arm isn't in Jay Cutler's league, but damn-it he made some good throws to K2 in the end zone and deserved to win. The only thing Quinn hadn't counted on was the word "Cleveland" emblazoned on his jersey.

    I know there are a lot of Brady Quinn fans here (for various reasons) so I placed this Brady Quinn thread here in the Et Cetera forum as I am more into the football aspect. Note: the gays are welcome to comment upon the homoerotic Brady Quinn as well. :smile:
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    even though Derek Anderson was wronged his passer rating sucks because Edwards isnt catching shit Winslow is not getting the passes to him. Jeruvicius is out son nothing is going right for him. Jamal Lewis is not as good as he use to be. Quinn needs to play because he is the future for Cleveland. Anderson is going to be an excellent QB but for some other team.
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    my trainer in the burbs of chicago...was john alder...john alder has trained Justin tuck, tommy zibenkowski...and BRADY QUINN...the common thing..is they are all Notre Dame football players...John trains and rehabs the ND football team at the gym...he owns the place...and played football himself...
    brady...i use to talk to before he started his training time with john...brady seemed confident enough but...i don't think he understands that to win a game...the entire team must play as a group..not as independent players...it seems to me...he still has this hurdle to over come...
    I didn't go to Notre Dame...I went to quarterback U...BYU. and the one thing i noticed about the quarterbacks at the "Y" is that they think like a team member...and a leader born to win...winning as a team...some of the most winning NFL teams...are not the best players...but...they get this concept...the Chicago Bears have a number of BYU coaches...and when they do..its seems that they play with this intent...and as we all know, sometimes the Chicago Bears gives one pause as to why they are spending their time watching the game...

    Brady Quinn...is young, and i believe him to be hungry...and...most of all he has promise..he has talent...its just in need of fostering that talent...and more play time...ying and yang...
    hey...at least ur not a fan of the St. Louis Rams...like I am...I am because I have a friend who is a rookie defensive end and i hang with his dad...and trust me....its tuff being a st Louis rams fan this year...

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