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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by D_Dkjhgbk, Dec 31, 2010.

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    my bf has a big member. when im not wet enough ---> we can use some lube.

    but sometimes i feel like my vagina is not open enough for him to come inside. does that mean ...

    1. get more foreplay before sex
    2. im/my body is just not in the mood to be having sex right now?

    like, for dryness there is lube... what can u use to make ur vagina open up?

    does any lady have similiar issues? or understand wat im talking about when i complain that im not "open" enough? i dont know how else to put it in words
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    Speaking as a man, I had 2 partners years ago who were quite tight relative to my size. They got plenty wet so lubrication wasn't a factor, and they had nearly always had at least one orgasm from oral sex before I tried to penetrate them. Usually, everything was OK but every so often they were too tight to penetrate without causing pain, even though they seemed horny as hell.

    Finger dilatation seemed to help, first one, then two and finally three with the tips bunched together, taking plenty of time before adding each finger. I think if you will try this, you will find it more comfortable if your lover directs his finger pressure back toward your perineum and anus as he makes room for his second, and finally third (if necessary) finger.

    With these women (and nearly all others IME) after getting past the first inch beyond the vaginal entrance, everything was fine.
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