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    Hello all,

    So here's my story. I have over 6 years of retail management experience and I was thinking of starting my own small clothing store.This store would cater to young men and women. But the kicker is that all of the inventory would be from local designers. Mostly t-shirts and hoodies and various hats. But that wouldn't be all of it. I would be selling publications by local writers, selling jewelry by local jewelry makers, etc. I figure if I make it a local thing, people would have a more vested interest in sending people to my store to check out their stuff. I would also be carrying a few branded items from low-key, up and coming t-shirt companies. (Sorry if this all seemed convoluted.)

    My question is, does anyone know of any grant agencies that can provide start up capital for small businesses. I think I have a solid business plan and am in a prime market for doing something like this. I've been searching and most gov agencies only provide grant money for technology and educational research. I've calculated that $10,000-12,000 would be enough for start-up costs and other incidentals with a little left over for emergencies. Any help would be immensely appreciated. I'll give you all discounts, lol.
    Thanx guys

    P.S. Are there grants for minorities to start small businesses?
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