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    I am in a 4 year relationship with a very attractive woman, she's 32, I'm 42. We are settled, happy, have a kid, yet, I am really aroused by the thought of her with a very well hung guy. She is in really great shape, and still has a very high sex drive but even with that, I'm still nagged by the desire to see her (or hear about her) being really stretched out. This is not helped by the fact that she has had a couple of huge lovers in the past (that she really enjoyed) that she has mentioned to me which have placed indelible images in my head. I've mentioned to her that I wouldn't mind if she had other lovers but she hasn't really responded. Am I insane for wanting this or should I press the issue? Can I get rid of this desire or is there some way to channel it so that it doesn't become an issue with us? Any input is helpful.
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